2019/20 NLO Season To End In 8 Weeks

2019/20 NLO Season To End In 8 Weeks

The Nationwide League One, NLO, will be completed in 8 weeks, the league management board has confirmed.

Chief Operating Officer, NLO, Olushola Ogunnowo, confirmed that the 2019/20 Nationwide League will be held amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

“The League will surely be played this year, NLO will go on this year. There are many format to play the League but set aim might not be met. Certainly, we will achieve 80% of why the league is set up if will play it this year,” the astute football administrator told FUBF.

“Our strategy is very simple we will be looking at doing a zonal league for Division One, Division Two and Division Three because the Nigeria Football Federation has given us a standing instruction that once the league resume it must end in 8 weeks.

“We’ve already set out our project & plan is in place, the board has met and a decision has been taken & forwarded to NFF. We’re only waiting for the Nigerian Government to give us go ahead to start.

“The clubs will be given minimum of 3 to 4 weeks to prepare for the main event.

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