200 Students, Parents, Others Participate In Regent School 5km Health Walk

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By Niyi Busari

No fewer than 200 students including parents, guardians, participated in the inaugural Regent Family Head Boy’s 5-Kilometer Health Walk held on Saturday in the school premises, Bestchoicesports.com.ng can report

The jogging exercise commenced from the school to Kilimanjaro Junction Mariana and then connected to A Class Event from where they jogged to Maitama District Hospital and back to the school premises to complete the 5-kilometer .

The Health Walk according to the headmaster of the school, Mr Kenneth Sugden was aimed at increasing life span and health lifestyle of Nigerians through regular exercise of the body.

Aside different sporting activities to light up the event, there were also medical checks such as blood pressure, body mass index and blood sugar level.

Speaking after the exercise, Mr Kenneth Sugden said he was satisfied with the turn out of the participants despite being the maiden edition and promised that it will get better subsquently.

“I am very impressed with what I have seen, the turnout is over 200 and is a good branding for the school. The kids did very well in Yoga, Aerobics, dancing and Badminton.

“Its has been very impressive and after this we will be focusing on health. This is just one of many things we have been doing this to encourage more healthy lifestyles and ensure that lifespan of people is extended as well give education to improve the health of Nigerians.

He noted that lack of exercise is one of the causes of early death in the life of average Nigerians.

Adding that “The benefits of this are many, a healthy body is an healthy mind, they are more active and alert.

In the same vein, the Public Relations Manager of the school , Mrs Chiamaka Kalu-Uche who was impressed with the outcome of the exercise, added that their target was to take the project to international level where private primary schools within African continent will compete for honours among themselves.

“People need to realise the benefit of this because they want to live a healthy lifestyles. There are few problems around the World about obesity and heart disease, obesity now overwhelms the people.”

“I’m very impressed and happy with the turnout, our headmaster has been trying to promote health and fitness.

“We do it by encouraging the children to eat fruits and vegetables and every Saturday there is one sporting activity or the other such as walking, swimming, football match.

“Next week we are organising first Regent primary school game, involving 8 schools, boys and girls.

“There will be football, athletics and swimming. It will be starting on Friday and end on Saturday, subsequently we will want to make it a nationwide event and open it to every school in the country.

“With this, I believe that many people will take to walking and aerobics. We have supports from various areas, Abuja Clinic supported us with Ambulance because this is our own way of making a change we are all craving for in Nigeria.

“It’s new and our challenges remained publicity, we have to do more to create awareness.

“The parents played a very prominent role, they prepared the meal and we encouraged the children to eat healthy and avoid sugar.

“The aim of the exercise is to promote good health and total well-being, because when you are healthy, you feel like a better person, you are happier and more productive.”

The school headboy, David Danga who is the brain behind the event added: “I have observed that some people don’t really like exercise and because of this they lose their shape and are exposed to various disease.

“Exercise improve your immune system and many other benefits.

“I want to leave a legacy like this because people know me for this. Most of all my parents, and Almighty God, after this am not sure yet what is next because in the next 3 weeks I will be a graduate.”

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