A New Sheriff In Town: Wale Ajayi Crowned Senior Advocate Of Journalists (SAJ)

A New Sheriff In Town: Wale Ajayi Crowned Senior Advocate Of Journalists (SAJ)

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..Raises N2.5 Million Palliatives For Sports Journalists

By Amaechi Agbo

After observing and realising how man goes about leadership either by struggle or divine providence, one of English greatest writers, William Shakespeare, summed up his finding in his celebrated drama Twelfth Night, thus “Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them,” Bestchoicesports.com.ng Editor, Amaechi Agbo, writes

Adewale Ajayi is one man his antecedents speaks volume and his charisma electrifying. He is an embodiment of the above summation.

Hate him or love him, in between you are never an enemy. Very diplomatic, disciplined but an astute advocate of justice, good governance and an egalitarian society.

Adewale Ajayi, shotend Wale Ajayi by his colleagues and friends, is a seasoned journalist whose wealth of experience has earned him knocks and kudos, pain and joy, down and rise and enemies and friends.

He is fearless, bold, respectful, compassionate, kind and above all a daredevil reporter whose track records in journalism particularly in sports beat where he has not only created a niche but established unrivalled personality, ensured the protection of his colleagues from corrupt administrators.

On 17th March, 2017, Wale created a WhatsApp Platform, Nigeria Sports Mouthpiece, NSM which three years later has grown to become a brand, a medium and a union.

Early May, the members of the group after considering his dogged fights against perceived bad administration especially in Nigeria Football Federation where few years ago he served as Media Officer of the U20 national team, the Flying Eagles, and raised over N2.5 million palliative to cushion the impact of the novel COVID-19 pandemic on his colleagues, decided to give him a new title, the Senior Advocate of Journalists, SAJ.

Similar to the one Nigerians awarded to late human rights activist, Gani Fawehinmi, the Senior Advocate of the Masses, SAM, but Wale refused to be drawn to such comparison.

Adewale Ajayi

But what is the meaning of Senior Advocate of Journalists?

Speaking in an exclusive interview with Bestchoicesports.com.ng from his base in Canada Friday, Wale said that “Senior Advocate of Journalists refers to A man who fights for the happiness of his colleagues.”

Gani Fawehinmi was conferred with Senior Advocate of the Masses, SAM; is Senior Advocate of Journalists, SAJ similar to it?

No. SAJ is a coinage of the Nigeria media especially those on the Nigeria sports mouthpiece. They unanimously agreed to honour a man who has done so much to cushion the effect of Covid-19 on members with daily palliatives

You raised over N2.5 million to help your colleagues in this COVID-19 period, how was this possible?

It’s the work of God. I have built a good name with a solid reputation over the years. I have built relationship with all the key stakeholders in sports and we still get along even though I am not in Nigeria. They trust my judgement and respect my wisdom. That has made it was easier for us to always relate. At a time like this, all I did was to go to their inbox and let them understand why they must show up and offer support to journalists at this critical time. I went as far as the honourable sports minister and they all responded.

It is not always easy to make men part with money especially with the hardship out there but they find it difficult to say no to me.

Senator Dr Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah came to our rescue at a time when he was distracted by his Supreme court case. I didnt expect him to act because the request was too sudden but he stood up for us.

The honourable sports minister gave us 250, 000 naira, while Ambassador Chris Giwa added his own widow’s mite of 300k

It this gesture a one-off programme or are there other plans?What other plans do you have for your colleagues post COVID-19?

The NIGERIA SPORTS MOUTHPIECE (NSM) is not just a WhatsApp platform, it is a pressure group of intelligent journalists who have come together under one umbrella to pursue and achieve a common goal. The objective from inception, is to give Nigeria sports journalists a platform to be heard. NSM is the only platform that has 5 sports ministers past and present, the only platform that had the NFF president who later left because of pressure, has the two Vice presidents of the NFF and almost ten active board members.

On NSM, we spare no one, we say the truth to dare the gods. We make them understand we exist and it has paid off.

Today we have been able to break two major jinx

I. The notion of Sports Editors forum has been completely broken. Now, it is equal opportunities for all. Online journalist and other contemporary sports journalists now enjoy equal opportunities, travel for matches and sport events with the authorities and enjoy equal priviledges

  1. Media officers have now returned to all the National teams. We fought for this and the NFF listened and acted. Today, our colleagues are the biggest beneficiaries.

(Part 2 of this exclusive continues tomorrow)

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