AFN Vs Sports Ministry: Profering Solution For The Lingering Imbroglio

AFN Vs Sports Ministry: Profering Solution For The Lingering Imbroglio

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By Sylvanus Ofekun

Call it disregard to court judgements or contempt as the legal profession would say, but if we decide to break it down to the simplest form of language the ordinary man on the street understands, it will be called “see finish.”

I have decided not to act foolishly or play to the gallery by exhibiting some symptoms of pettiness that no three piece suit and Queen’s English can cover.

Let’s hit it straight and stop these mind puzzles before anyone gets bored by my complex illustrations. It is no longer news that the Athletics Federation of Nigeria, AFN has been torn apart by internal crisis which ordinarly can be settle through various internal dispute resolution mechanism. But the crisis were escalated and parties took their plea to the courts.

However, the courts have ruled (High court and Appeal) and both judgements were synonymous. But these judgements have not been obeyed by relevant authorities.

Democracy which Nigeria practises is anchored on the rule of law with separation of powers as one of the cardinal principle.
Last year, the Court of Appeal upheld the ruling of the High Court sacking the National Chairman of the All Progressive Congress APC, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole from his seat, without further debates and arguments, the ruling party obeyed the ruling even when Comrade Oshiomhole attempted to file an appeal at the Supreme Court.

The APC was the president’s party, but President Buhari chose to obey the ruling of the court.

My advise for relevant stakeholders in the AFN is simple, they should approach the Attorney General of the Federation with a petition regarding this administrative misdemeanour.

God bless Nigeria.

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