Ahmed Musa’s Unveiling: How Kano Pillars Lost Over N10 Million To Negligence, Poor Planning

Ahmed Musa’s Unveiling: How Kano Pillars Lost Over N10 Million To Negligence, Poor Planning

By Adewale Ajayi

Ahmed Musaaaaaaaaa! What a goal!. That was how the commentator celebrated Musa’s second goal against Iceland as the dashing winger went past two defenders before jabbing the ball into the net in the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia.

Rewind to 2014 and Ahmed Musa’s name again comes to mind. You need no one to remind you of his two goals against Argentina at the 2014 world cup Brazil.

Those were top notch and ranks amongst some of the very best goals that lightened a tournament that was played in the land of Samba and Jogo Bonito

These performances, have combined to make  Ahmed Musa the most experienced, most respected and most appreciated Super Eagle and that perhaps explains why he is the captain of the team even when he doesn’t have a club.

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Musa was unveiled without a cameraman in an office

NPFL side Kano Pllars are aware of these credentials and had to leverage on their past relationship with a former player of the club to offer him a short term contract which he graciously accepted.

The news that Musa has signed for an NPFL side itself was a rude shock to many but remembering his goal scoring exploits in the league many years ago, was enough to heighten the excitement and leave many salivating.

Unfortunately, Kano Pillars failed to leverage on these openings at the unveiling of a current Super Eagles Captain who is making a triumphant return to the NPFL.

In what looks like another traditional ceremony involving some ritualists performing one of their traditional rites, Musa stood perplexed in a dark office with little or no sunlight as he was unveiled before some busy bodied phone carrying journalists.

That is how bad it was! No exaggerations! Pillars spoilt their best chance of raking in over 10million naira due to ignorance.

It will cost them very little to announce to Kano football fans that Ahmed Musa will be unveiled at the Sani Abacha stadium on a hot Saturday afternoon in Kano.

Get over 50 small companies to advertise on billboards and banners bearing the name of the most celebrated footballer in the history of Kano Pillars and Kano state.

Get over 20,000 football fans to pay 500 naira just to see the unveiling live at the stadium and sell over 10,000 branded Kano pillars jersies with the inscription, AHMED MUSA IS BACK printed on them

That alone will fetch the club over 10m naira cash if well planned. Unfortunately, they failed to use their heads because they thought it is only for decoration not for thinking. They have completely ruined this opportunity

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