Anambra State Club Owners Receive N500, 000 To Stage Protest Against Ifeanyi Ubah Sports Minister

Anambra State Club Owners Receive N500, 000 To Stage Protest Against Ifeanyi Ubah Sports Minister

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Ugochukwu ‘Thanos’ Ifeanyi

The Anambra State Government and the Nigeria Football Federation, NFF have allegedly bribed the state’s Club Owners with #500,000 to stage scripted protest against Dr Ifeanyi Ubah and Minister for Sports

In continuance with the ongoing corrupt entanglement between the Anambra State Government and the NFF, the sum of #500,000.00 has been promised to any Club Owner, who pens his signature in a protest letter addressed to the Senate Committee on Sports headed by Obinna Ogba, against the Honourable Minister for Sports, Hon Sunday Dare and the Chairman of ANSFA, Sen Dr Ifeanyi Ubah

This desperate ploy was hatched by the NFF and funded by the State Government, in reaction to the candid verdict of the Sports Minister, on the ongoing charade and distraction in Anambra State Football

The NFF agreed to go to bed with the State Government on the condition that the Awka Mini-stadium as well as some other contracts in the State, will be awarded exclusively to the NFF using Monimichelle as proxy, with an earmarked sum of #1.2 billion naira as mobiliser to continue sponsoring illegality against Sen Dr Ifeanyi Ubah, in hopes that he might get distracted from pursuing his Gubernatorial ambition in 2021

The funny this is, only the Anambra State Football Congress has the right to invite any third party into the FA and as such, this latest charade is dead on arrival and elicit the following questions:

  1. The Club Owners are part of the Anambra State Football Congress which means they were part and parcel of the elections before, during and after. So at what stage did these few Club Owners realise that all is not well?
  2. The Appeals and Electoral Committees till date, never got any complaint against the process including from the Club Owners who have agreed to this devil’s snare. Why?
  3. Can these Club Owners provide irrefutable proof to support their grievance in line with breaches in the Electoral process which must include but not limited to deliberate disenfranchisement for the post of Chairmanship of the FA?
  4. Why is it that no other position is under controversy except the Chairmanship even when nobody bought the forms except Sen Dr Ifeanyi Ubah?
  5. If the election process is flawed, then why is nobody contesting the results of the Board (7 members) and LFC positions (21 members)?
  6. Why is the NFF hellbent on sacrificing the integrity of football in Anambra State by becoming an active political tool for #1.2 billion naira contracts in exchange?
  7. How come all of a sudden, The Governor has decided to invest #1.2 billion in contracts, awarded to the NFF, when he has never had any Special Adviser, no Special Assistant and no Commissioner for Sports, never sponsored or facilitated any Sports for the State (the Police Games in a National Event so it doesn’t count and even then, 80% of the event took place in other South Eastern States so it was the South East that hosted the event, not Anambra State owing to lack of infrastructure) since he assumed power 6 years ago till date?
  8. Before this present Government, we had Anambra Sports Festival, School Inter House Sports, Inter School Games, Trader’s Cup and Governor’s Cup. All of these have been murdered by this administration so why the sudden fixation on ANSFA alone, instead of resurrecting the grassroots Sports activities if truly they care about Sports in Anambra State?

Surely by now, Ndi Anambra have seen that this is a deliberate witch-hunt against Sen Dr Ifeanyi Ubah by unscrupulous and shameless elements with zero passion for the growth and integrity of the game

Until the NFF can intelligently counter the 169-page dossier of Sen Dr Ifeanyi Ubah, they will simply be beating around the bush whilst milking Anambra State dry by preying on the naivety and desperation of The Governor

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