ANSFA: NFF Admits To Conniving With Anambra State Government to truncate football in the State

ANSFA: NFF Admits To Conniving With Anambra State Government to truncate football in the State

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The illegality and sheer disregard for the statues and regulations guiding football in Nigeria by the NFF, has been brought to the fore by the emergence of Sen Dr Ifeanyi Ubah as the Anambra State Football Association Chairman

The letter dated 14th September 2020 (attached herein) by the NFF and signed by the President, Amaju Melvin Pinnick, proceeded to explain why it connived with the Obiano-led Government, represented by Tony Oli, to destroy football in Anambra State with 10 bullet points, to which I will clearly draw our attention to, as well as expose the rot and decadence therein:

1 and 2. The NFF recognized the extension of the Sen Dr Ifeanyi Ubah led board, by the Anambra State Football Congress.

Note that the NFF didn’t challenge the rights of the Congress to do so, thereby recognising and admitting that the decrees of the Congress is final on all things concerning the FA

  1. The NFF recognised the establishment of the Appeals and Electoral Committees and sales of all forms into the board for the next dispensation by the Congress

Again, note the the NFF bows to the decisions and declarations of the Congress, proving its independence from the NFF

  1. The NFF recognised and accepted the results of the screening exercise and the emergence of the successful candidates for the elections.

Again, no agitation from the NFF

  1. The NFF recognised the election dates as produced by the election committee. Kindly note that at the point, all preambles to the elections have been completed as at this point, no change can be done again to the electoral process no matter what just as once a Party conducts its primaries, nothing can be done again except to go for general elections. At this stage, Sen Dr Ifeanyi Ubah emerged as the SOLE candidate for the post of Chairman while someone like Emeka Okeke emerged as one of the candidates for the Local Football Council where he failed at the general elections while Sen Dr Ifeanyi Ubah has no contestant and this, his win was automatic

Once again, the NFF recognises its position as an onlooker, who opinions and influence mean nothing here

  1. The NFF clearly recognises the fact Ibrahim Gusau was NEVER officially empowered by the NFF to involve himself or monitor or supervise the elections in Anambra State as the NFF delegates were sent to Enugu officially by the NFF but then some of them decided to go for their personal runs in Anambra State, which is not captured in the itinerary of the NFF including expenses

According to the due process of communication, the NFF must communicate the Electoral Committee through official channels, of their choice of representative in writing.

So the NFF must provide the document, duly signed by the NFF Committee, empowering Gusau to stand in for the Federation as an unbiased monitor (not even supervisor).

It is important to note that the NFF never produced such a document, which proves that Gusau was never in Anambra State on an official assignment rather, he came for the sole purpose of conniving with the Anambra State Government, to destroy football in Anambra State. Also, since Sen Dr Ifeanyi Ubah was still the Chairman of the Board, Ibrahim Gusau is required by regulations guiding him as both the Chairman of Chairmen of the NFF and also, the official NFF representative, to not only alert the State Chairman, Sen Dr Ifeanyi Ubah of his intentions to grace the event, but must also submit himself to the Chairman in person, on arrival to the State, which he never did to further prove that he was there on a personal mission, unconnected to elections and football at all rather he snuck in and went straight to have series of meetings with Anambra State Government.

On the claim by the NFF that the Anambra State Football Association had announced Gusau as the NFF representative in radio publications, I challenge the NFF to provide evidence of such publication.

Remember the NFF claimed that the ANSFA was already broadcasting that Gusau will be present even before Gusau arrived Enugu for the burial. If that is the case, then how did ANSFA know even before Gusau himself that he will coming to Anambra and why would ANSFA make such broadcast, without communication with the NFF as to who will come for the elections? If ANSFA had communicated with the NFF, then does it make sense that some members of ANSFA would ‘beg’ Gusau to fulfill an official mandate of the NFF?

  1. NFF officially recognises and endorses Government interference in the activities of the Anambra State Football Association including clear evidence of threats against the FA by keeping silent over the development and not raising alarm over the well-being of its members
  2. The NFF recognised the initial suspension of elections by the electoral committee based on the threats by the State Government

Note that even now, the NFF didn’t utter a word, rather, supported the Government by accepting the suspension of the elections, instead of voicing its disapproval, let alone that it was set aside by the Congress. The NFF never did that, this clearly shows connivance

  1. The NFF feigns ignorance of the lifting of suspension and resumption of electoral processes even though ANSFC communicated the NFF about the update as well as changes made

The same NFF who knew the State Government threatened its members, never bothered to check on them to ensure their safety and well-being all along yet ignored the communication by the new Secretary of ANSFA simply because the previous Secretary, who is a State Civil Servant, has been replaced for his connivance with the State Government to ridicule football in Nigeria and who had been in correspondence with them. This is further proof of connivance with the Government. The NFF deliberately cut off and refused communication with ANSFA because their point man is no longer in the picture

Kindly find attached the communication between the ANSFC and NFF, informing them of the changes and updates before the virtual elections .. So clearly, the NFF is lying!

  1. The NFF admits to not reaching out to the Electoral and Appeals Committee of ANSFA nor to the Anambra State Football Congress, before assuming that no elections held, solely on the words of Ibrahim Gusau, whom the NFF had admitted, was never sent on any official capacity of representation to the State.

So why will the NFF admit the personal opinions of a man who met with the State Government, never met with the Anambra State Football Chairman and clearly did all this on his personal capacity, based on his rights of association as captured in the Fundamental Human Rights charter, above the stance of the Anambra State Football Congress if something is not amiss?

Why will the the NFF condone the blatant threats to the Anambra State Football Congress as well as the Electoral and Appeals Committees if it is not in bed with the State Government?

Since when does the NFF accept, encourage and even enforce the publications of Government of football activities?

  1. Let’s assume that the NFF is not working in connivance with the Anambra State Government and that the NFF is not lying, why then is the NFF silent over the ongoing sale of forms in Anambra State, of which Pinnick’s own Special Adviser is also involved in at the moment, when the same NFF already recognised and accepted that all preamble to election have been duly done and concluded?

At worst, should the NFF simply advise that a fresh date of elections of the already screening and endorsed candidates be set instead?

But that is not even obtainable because the Anambra State Football Congress as well as the Electoral and Appeals Committees, have all come out to inform the NFF that elections held and they fully stand behind Sen Dr Ifeanyi Ubah as the Chairman, why then is the Pinnick-led NFF, dancing to the tune of the Obiano-led administration, using Tony Oli as the puppet to hamstring the growth of football in Anambra State?

Recall that the NFF had all along, bowed to the stance of the Congress and admitted its independence, on whose authority then is the NFF standing on, to override the Congress and its decisions if the NFF is not being politically manipulated by the Anambra State Government?

Sen Dr Ifeanyi Ubah disgraced Tony Oli representing the Anambra State Government and Ibrahim Gusau representing the NFF, with a well documented and fully detailed dossier of 169 pages, clearly outlining total compliance with every rule and regulation of the FIFA, CAF, NFF, ANSFC and NCDC guidelines, before, during and after the elections

The NFF has reduced itself to a political errand boy, in clear violation of its mandate as a totally neutral body, not affiliated with anything outside the confines of football rules and regulations

So the NFF must show Nigerians, where in the rules and regulations, State Government publications are allowed in the affairs of the State FA and prove beyond all reasonable doubt, why Sen Dr Ifeanyi Ubah is not the Chairman of the Anambra State Football Association till 2024

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