Balotelli Expelled From Childhood Club Brescia’s Training

Balotelli Expelled From Childhood Club Brescia’s Training

Mario Balotelli was expelled from Brescia training, according to ‘Giornale di Brescia’ on Thursday. The reason was, according to the aforementioned source, a fight with a teammate.

The striker has apparently been expelled from Bresica by the manager Fabio Grosso.

According to information published by the ‘Giornale di Bresica’, ‘Super Mario’ was fighting with a teammate, whose identity his unknown, at training on Thursday.

Balotelli, who was said to be particularly nervous, was removed from training by Grosso. “Go away, Mario. Go away,” the manager shouted, separating the player from the rest of the group. Balotelli went straight to the dressing room, with no further specifications regarding the manager.

Brescia, through their press department, referred to the event as a change of manager during the training match, although they did not add any reason in their explanation.

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