Ben Ekpo: The Resilient Pillar YSFON Will Ever Remember

Ben Ekpo: The Resilient Pillar YSFON Will Ever Remember

By Paul Akhagbemhe

Cowards they say die many times before their deaths ,while villains die but once.Our very enigmatic friend and late colleague in the Youth Sports Federation Of Nigeria YSFON Mr Ben Ekpo was NEVER a coward but a villain and he died once. we are however sad today because Ben died when his wealth of experience was most needed

Ekpo who was the erstwhile Publicity secretary of the Most famous Youth sports organising body was truly a source of inspiration to all especially the younger ones

It’s exactly Five years ago that Ben departed this sinful world but seems like yesterday and we will continue to count our losses.

Without Ben Saka as he was popularly called, YSFON is still struggling to maintain its proper footing. His exit has taken away the shine but what else can we do but to accept our fate
All through thick and thin Ben Ekpo fought against injustice in Sports, together with Our late President Prince Dokun Abidoye Ben Struggled to reposition YSFON and worked tirelessly to give the body a new lease of life by introducing interesting innovations to the system, today YSFON is better for it
As we pay glowing tribute to the late Ikot Abasi -born, Akwa Ibom personality,we in YSFON will continue to appreciate Ben’s contributions to the upliftment of our organization

Some FCT Team athletes and officials at the 2019 National Youth Games

The incumbent President Dr Nasiru Gawuna still remembers how Ben will insist on the rules and will never support age cheats His moral standing was our guiding principles in every tournament and The National Secretary Patrick Okpavuerhe was proud of him.
As a Publicity Secretary Ben will fight to ensure YSFON does not experience scandals because this according him will hunt the organization badly.

As we remember Ben Ekpo today the sports fraternity should join forces with YSFON to encourage the youths across Nigeria to imbibe Ben’s Philosophy of fairness,sincerity and determination to excel. No matter how it goes, Ben Ekpo was a true patriot and it will be difficult to sweep aside his contributions to youth Sports development in our country.

We miss you BEN SAKA Continue To Rest In Peace!!!!

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