Coronavirus: Coach Obuh Advises Players To Stop Travelling, Observe Directed Hygiene

Coronavirus: Coach Obuh Advises Players To Stop Travelling, Observe Directed Hygiene

By Amaechi Agbo

Former National teams coach, John Sam Obuh has advised Nigeria players plying their trade in the Nigeria Professional Football League, NPFL to stop the urge to travel during this time that clubs are on break as a result of increasing spread of cornonavirus also known as COVID-19, can report.

Coach Obuh who has tutored various national teams as well as NPLF club sides made the call in the wake of the suspension of football activities in the country owing to the ravaging effects of COVID-19.

With 40 cases confirmed in the country, one dead and two discharged, clubs gave their players from two and more weeks break to self-isolate or remain indoor pending when the situation normalises.

However, some players saw the break as an opportunity to travel to their various homes with fatalities recorded.

For instance, Rangers International FC attacker Ifeanyi George was killed on road accident on Sunday on his way to Lagos while Enymba and Abia Comments players were kidnapped while travelling.

Plateau United coach, Abdul Maikaba had asked his players not to travel but to stay in indoor during this period.

Echoing his colleagues stand, Coach Obuh who recently parted ways with NPFL side, Akwa United called on players to stop travelling adding that the situation in the country and globally does not encourage such.

Speaking on Tuesday via Voice Note on Best Choice Sports Whatsapp Platform, coach Obuh said he was so much disturbed as regards the events with death of players and attacks at this period.

“I am so much disturbed about the event of things as regards to the death of players, most importantly the recent one that have just happened.

“Let us look at it from the happening of today where we lost a player because he was travelling. We also had a situation of kidnapping because of travelling. I want to believe that not every break requires players leaving their camps. It is not healthy.

“Not every time you have one or two off days and people will be travelling. Why are you travelling? OK, why are we not getting our brothers and sister who are playing abroad ever since this thing happened? They have been quarantined in their various home with their families, making sure that if they are going out, they will obey the best of hygiene and come back probably to go and get food for their family to eat.

“Our players are not supposed to be travelling every time, there are lot of risks. People are jealosuing you and more so, those of you that feel you have a car, must you be the one to drive yourself? You are to drive yourself within your area where you team is but when it comes to travelling, go and look for professional drivers, pay them and they will take you to where you are going and then come back. You must not necessarily travel in your car just because you have a break.

“While these things are still happening, I want us to take lessons out of it. COVID-19 does not say we should travel, it says we should stay at home. That is what it said. Please let us adhere strictly to it and maintain the highest level of hygiene.

“God bless Nigeria, God Bless Nigeria coaches. God bless Nigeria footballers.”

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