‘Sunday Dare: A Drowning Man’ – Gara Gombe

‘Sunday Dare: A Drowning Man’ – Gara Gombe

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By Our Correspondent

A former Special Assistant to Kano State Governor and Gombe State Football Association Chairman, Alhaji Gara Gombe has described the minister of youth and sports, Sunday Dare as a “drowning man” and the “worst minister” in President Mohammadu Buhari’s government.

Alhaji Gara Gombe alleged that the sports minister had found himself deeply involved “in corruption and monumental crises and unimaginable scandals”

Alhaji Gombe who made the allegation in a post on his Facebook timeline on the wee hours of Monday, November 15, 2021 warned “those jumping to take up any appointment or Committee work from Dare to be careful because we will not spare you no matter our relationships.”

Alhaji Gara Gombe Shuaibu’s comment on his Facebook timeline is here reproduced UNEDITED:

The worst Minister in Buhari Government is drowning after he Messed up almost everything in our Sports.He has found himself deeply involved is Corruption and monumental Crises he created and Scandals that are not only unimaginable but unprecedented now he is looking everywhere to place the Mess arround some people to Clean it up.

He is busy appointing all sorts of people and inaugurating all sorts of committees belatedly after he DESTROYED eveey fabric in our SPORTS.

He is BEGGING Bash ALI for out of Court Settlement.

I am warning those jumping to take up any appointment or Committee work from DARE to be careful because we will not spare you no matter our relationships.

DARE and ETHNIC CHAMPION Who was recently scolded by the Senate is busy looking for any NORTHERNER to appoint for any post or give an Assignment.Alhaji Gara Gombe

Some of those appointments are ILLEGAL.Already DARE has more than 7 appointees which is against the Regulations of Government.A Minister is only allowed to bring 2 Aides from outside the Ministry.He is only allowed to appoint others within the establishment.

In Media alone he has More than 4 all YORUBAS,All the Paraqtatals under the Ministry all Yorubas now after the Senate QUERY By Senator Obinna Ogba Chairman Senate COMMITTEE on SPORTS he has started making ILLEGAL appointments to balance up.
Their is nothing like CHIEF OF STAFF in a Ministers office.

Thank God Chied ADOKIYE AMESIEMEKA has déclined the appointment into Football Master Plan Committee.

He is at loge Head with KIDA, GUSAU, GEORGE, AMAJU, etc
The National Sports Policy Document Resource persons out of 115 of them 85 are from the South West.

What manner of a MINISTER is this?
He is trying to bury all the Mess of Corruption in that Ministry.In 3 Years je worked with 3 Perm secs and no one cares to know why but some of us know why?

The Olympic Scandals,The PUMA Contracts,The D Tigress scandals,The Adopt an ATHLETE SCANDAL,
I PITY MY PRESIDENT and NIGERIA For having this Type of MAN as a MINISTER.

You can also click on this link to read the post on Mr Gombe’s timeline https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=3834650166637694&id=100002782467265

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