Edo Team Dents Untouchable Lagos Cricket Superiority

Edo Team Dents Untouchable Lagos Cricket Superiority

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Akanimo Kufre

Lagos State Men’s Cricket team for the first time in the ongoing national Men’s Cricket Championship were made to sweat and wipe dust off their shirts.

As expected, the second game of Wednesday was pressure cooker kind of game after Anambra beat Kwara by 4 wickets (Anambra 56/6 vs Kwara 53/10).

Edo won toss and choose to bat first, a decision faulted by Cricket pundits as “giving Lagos a knife and a neck for slaughter”.

Lagos fielders got 2 wickets in first overs while Edo manage 1 run till 3rd overs.

The fear on Edo batsmen was louder. But it took the boldness of former Kent Cricket League- UK player, and Uniben student Eghosa Aghedo to demystify Lagos clean sheets- Lagos can be played!

With Eghosa, Edo took the fight to Lagos. Soon Lagos full time Bowlers were no longer respected but escorted to finish their deadly overs. It impressed Coach Asanka Gurusinha, “there shouldn’t respect them (Lagos) too much” this is how to play T20.

Edo played 88 runs from 19 overs all out. Eghosa was the golden boy from Edo playing 46 runs for his team. Four shy of half century.

In second inning Lagos were under severe pressure. Lagos Ademola Onikoyi and Ajekun helped but as Edo bowlers broke their partnership Lagos wickets dropped in droves. At a point Lagos current runs rate was 3.64 and required runs rate was 6.17.

The host boys kept the pressure and won the untouchable Lagos with 4 runs- 87run against 83run with last minute drama when Lagos needed 7 runs from 3 balls. Edo captain, Peter denied the most experienced Cricket state the taste of clean sheet.

Eghosa Aghedo was Man of the match having taken 2 wickets and contribute 46 runs for his team.

It was quite a thrilling performance such that Former Nigeria National Captain, current Team Manager and member Selectors Board, Kome Agodo described the game as “Fantastic, this is the type of game you get tickets to watch.”

Despite the loss, Lagos qualify top of the group and Edo State second. Anambra came third and Kwara fourth but disqualified.

Pool B hostility begins tomorrow, Thursday 25 March 2021 at the same venue. Pool B has team; Kaduna State, Rivers State, Oyo State and Ebonyi (replacement for Delta State) who could not honor the event invitation.

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