EPL To Resume Season In May Behind Closed Doors

EPL To Resume Season In May Behind Closed Doors

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The Premier League might resume soon with the games slated to take place behind closed doors Bestchoicesports.com.ng understands

according to reports from the UK, the league is likely to return on the first weekend of May with a scheduled finish date of Sunday, July 12.

A decision on the same is expected to be discussed in detail on a conference call of the 20 clubs on Friday but the proposal must be endorsed by the UK Government, public health bodies and the PFA.

The clubs are convinced that they have a proper case to the table as league resumption is seen as the best way to mitigate the financial losses and potential legal threats caused by the coronavirus shutdown.
The league has an obligation to and financial reliance on broadcasters, who have a watertight £3 billion-a-year deal which expires on July 31, with next season’s deal kicking in the following day.

The effects of the Tv deal provided by Sky Sports, BT Sport and the international rights-holders might cost the Premier League as much as £762million if the league can’t be finished on the stipulated time
It is reported that the broadcasters are pushing the Premier League to provide clarity as soon as possible, as they are losing subscribers at a rapid rate and want to know when they can expect their schedules to return to normal.

In the informal talks by the club executives, July 12 has emerged as the optimum finish date, and a restart at the beginning of May would build in the potential for more down-time if individual clubs are hit by more cases of the virus.

A restart in May has also been discussed informally as it is the time clubs are due to receive their final tranche of television money for the season, without which many will struggle to pay the players’ wages.


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