FIFA Life Ban: Coach Samson Siasia Is A Victim Of Racism

FIFA Life Ban: Coach Samson Siasia Is A Victim Of Racism

The National Association of Nigeria Footballers (NANF) has watched with rapt attention the FIFA Ban saga on illustrious former Super Eagles coach and player, Samson Siasia.

Drawing from our experience from interacting with FIFA for over two decades running we state unequivocally with every sense of responsibly that FIFA Ban on Coach Samson Siasia is Imbued with Racism.

It’s been the trade mark of the European dominated FIFA not to see any meaningful football development in Africa including players and coaches unless it positively impacts on football development in Europe.

FIFA has only paid lip service to football development in Africa. For instance, it took the massive personality and influence of President Nelson Mandela (South Africa) of blessed memory to bring the World Cup to Africa in 2010 for the first time after almost a century of FIFA’s Existence.

What is Coach Samson Siasia’s offence? Where is the report of the FIFA Investigatory Chamber? Why the hurry to pronounce judgment when the FIFA adjudicatory chamber has not exhausted the due process to hear the alleged accused person?

The FIFA adjudicatory chamber cannot proceed to make a decision without the report of the investigatory chamber. FIFA is obliged to make report of its Investigatory Chamber public if it has nothing to hide.

Coach Samson Siasia is a high profile football stakeholder in Africa with very rich profile. Imposing an unsubstantiated ban on him is, to say the least, unacceptable. This Ban is beyond Coach Samson Siasia and Nigeria.

It’s a matter for Africa and the black race because it is imbued with Racism. Several injustices FIFA have handed out to Africa and the Black Race cannot succeed in Europe even with a third string Professional Club side.

The NANF is speaking out of experience and without fear or favour. What happened in the case of Late JOHN IKOROMA? A former Rangers International of Enugu player who died in the United Arab Emirate in 2000. FIFA fought NANF vehemently through its Internal Adjudicatory Process and finally influenced the AWARD/JUDGMENT from court of Arbitration for Sports (CAS) to avoid liability.

What is happening to the three bundles of complaints from Nigeria over alleged embezzlement of 16 million USD FIFA grants and development fund before the FIFA Investigatory Chamber? It is completely vague to ban Coach Samson SiaSia on a phantom basis and presumption that he is involved in match fixing.

The FIFA Investigatory and Adjudicatory Chambers must publicly substantiate what the ban is predicated upon.

Without prejudice to Samson Siasia’s appeal to the CAS, it is the NANF opinion that the ban is Imbued with racism and the NANF will proceed to make inquiry on this line of action against FIFA.


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