Fury Alleges Joshua Has Been Avoiding Him For Five Years

Fury Alleges Joshua Has Been Avoiding Him For Five Years

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Tyson Fury says heavyweight rival Anthony Joshua has been avoiding him for five years.

Boxing fans are eager to see the duo do battle in the ‘Battle of Britain’ since Fury’s victory against Deontay Wilder earlier this year in Las Vegas, United States of America.

Fury, who is confident of beating Joshua in three rounds claimed the Watford born fighter has frustrated efforts to get both men in the ring in recent years.

‘I’ve been offering to fight Joshua for quite a while. I’ve been trying to make that fight happen for the last five years. And it’s not happened at all,” Fury told Redknapp’s Home Fixture on Sky Sports.

‘Eddie’s obviously Joshua’s promoter, so he’ll have to be speaking to my team to make the fight happen, give the fans what they want and stop running away from the biggest fight since Lennox [Lewis] fought Frank Bruno. Have the guts to step up to the plate and get flattened, son!’

The 31-year-old also believes his style is a perfect match for Joshua’s, and claimed he would overcome his rival due to his poor footwork.

‘AJ’s style is tailor made for mine. He’s an upright fighter walking forward with a classic defence. Strong and powerful. He’s got no footwork, hardly any resilience. And he’s a bit gutless when it comes down to getting clipped,”he added.

‘I think I’d knock him out in round two, three rounds. First time I connect on him, his legs will do a dance and I’ll just jump on him like the little fat kid did in America that time.’

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