Ghana Football Remains Banned – President Akufo

Ghana Football Remains Banned –  President Akufo

By Our Correspondent

Ghana President, Nana Addo has reiterated that the ban on football and other sporting activities in the country remains effective but conceded that non-contact sports can resume, can report.

The Ghana Premier League will remain suspended after president Nana Addo confirmed on Sunday that there is no plan to resume football in the county yet due to the ravaging COVID-19 pandemic

As almost every nation in the world decided in March, football was forced to stop due to the Covid-19 outbreak but most of those nations have since restarted the action.

The President was reacting to a submission made by the country’s football governing body, Ghana Football Association, GFA a proposal on the resumption of football activities in the country.

”As a known lover of football, I know how devastating its absence has been, and it is my hope that very soon we will all have the pleasure of playing and watching the beautiful game again,” said the president.

”Until then, non-contact sports are the only sporting events permitted to take place,” he added.

Meanwhile, the GFA forwarded a plan to resume the game in October, subject to the government’s go-ahead.

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