Hon. Famous Targets South South As Volleyball Hub

Hon. Famous Targets South South As Volleyball Hub

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By Dare Kuti

Hon Famous Daunemigha has restated his commitment to the development of volleyball in the South South Region of Nigeria on Friday.

Hon. Daunemigha told newsmen that he will sustain investment in volleyball to restore the region lost glory and place it as a volleyball hub in Nigeria.

He said, “Development of the volleyball is one of the major thematic pillars in the South South Region. As we speak, I have committed huge financial resources not only in the youths but also in volleyball in order to reposition and strengthen the game.

“We are committed to restoring the region’s lost glory in volleyball. Our determination to make the South South participate in the top league in the country. As far as I am concerned, it is a mission that I have resolved to actualise.”

Daunemigha said more grassroots program for indoor and beach volleyball event will be organized yearly in order to meaningful engage the youths in the region

said through government’s right policies in the sports sector and private sector support, the state would generate employment for its youths and create sustainable livelihoods for the people.

He concluded that the fortunes of volleyball in the region is dwindling because of volleyball virtually don’t exist again in some schools, poor facilities and infrastructure as well as lack of interest from individuals.

He promised to continue to invest in sports and human development to better the lives of children and athletes in the South South.

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