How Love For Women, Food Ruined A World Cup Winner His Great Football Career

How Love For Women, Food Ruined A World Cup Winner His Great Football Career

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The peak of every footballer’s career is potentially to win the World Cup, Champions League or continental trophy for his country.

In football career, while some achieve this at a very young age, others attain the mileage perhaps in their late career.

The story of Adil Rami who says a life of ‘too many girls’ and a love of eating cost him having a better career, despite winning the World Cup in 2018 with France, is such that will have messages to pass to upcoming footballers or even those who have reached their peak already.

The defender has played for some of the biggest clubs in Europe throughout his career and is now playing in Portugal with Boavista, having previously played for Fenerbahce in Turkey and failing to make an appearance for Sochi due to Covid-19.

Along with winning the World Cup, the 34-year-old has also won Ligue 1 with Lille and the Europa League with Sevilla, whilst also finishing a runner up with Marseille.

He’s played over 500 times in his career but the Frenchman reckons he could have had a lot more success.

“I could have had a better career if I had a better lifestyle,” he told Mais Futebol at the launch of his new book, “Too many outings, too many girls and I didn’t pay attention to my weight.

Rami playing for France. Image: PA Images
Rami playing for France

“My big problem was the food. I love eating

“It is a shame because when I am 100 percent physically, no striker in the world scares me.”

Rami never actually made an appearance for France during the World Cup, but still got his medal, and made 36 appearances for the national team before retiring after Russia 2018.

The former AC Milan defender did say that the winning manager Didier Deschamps was his favourite manager, although it wasn’t always the case, “With him it was difficult at first. I hated him. Now I thank you. When we won the World Cup, I went to see him to apologize.

“At first, he was very strict, he only thought about work. I love to work, but not 24 hours, it is also necessary to decompress and we don’t always understand each other.”

The centre back is possibly most famous for having dated Pamela Anderson from 2017 to June 2019 so it’s no real surprise to find out that he likes women a bit too much.

There’s probably other players who also could have made more of themselves but Rami didn’t do bad for himself anyway, the best of worlds.

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