How The Countries Stand As 2021 AFCON Race Eclipses

How The Countries Stand As 2021 AFCON Race Eclipses

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With Total African Cup of Nations, Cameroon 2021 Qualifiers reaching its final Match Day reaches its last day this week, this is how it stands in the qualifiers 12 groups.

Group A

Both Mali and Guinea qualified to Cameroon 2021.

Chad is disqualified while Namibia is eliminated.

Group B

Burkina Faso guaranteed their spot in next year’s finals. South Sudan is eliminated.


Uganda (8 points) and Malawi (7) battle for the second group slot. They face each other in Blantyre, where draw is enough for Uganda to qualify while Malawi needs a win.

Group C

Ghana qualified for the finals, while Sao Tome and Principe are eliminated.

South Africa, 10 points, eliminated and Sudan (12) qualify. Sudan defeated South Africa 2-0 in Omdurman to seal their passage

Gambia Celebrate

Group D

Gabon and Gambia qualified. DR Congo and Angola are eliminated.

Group E

Morocco qualified to the finals.

Mauritania (6 points), Burundi (5) and Central African Republic (4) battle for the second ticket.

Central African Republic hosts Mauritania in Bangui while Burundi plays Morocco in Rabat.

Mauritania qualifies if they win, or draw coupled with Burundi failing to win.

Burundi qualifies only if they win coupled with Mauritania failing to win.

Central African Republic qualifies only if they win, coupled with Burundi failing to win.


Group F

Cameroon qualified automatically as hosts.

Cape Verde (7 points), Rwanda (5) and Mozambique (4) are in the race for the second ticket.

Mozambique hosts Cape Verde in Maputo while Cameroon and Rwanda face in Douala.

Cape Verde qualifies if they win, or draw with Rwanda failing to win.

Rwanda qualifies only if they win coupled with Cape Verde losing.

In case of Rwanda winning and Cape Verde having a draw, goal difference will determine who qualifies, as the head-to-head between them is 0-0 in aggregate. Goal difference is currently Cape Verde (+2) and Rwanda (-2).

Mozambique only qualifies if they win coupled with Rwanda failing to win.

Group G

Egypt and Comoros qualified. Kenya and Togo are eliminated.

Group H

Algeria and Zimbabwe qualified. Botswana and Zambia are eliminated.

Group I


Senegal qualified, Eswatini are eliminated.

Congo (8 points) and Guinea-Bissau (6) battle for the second ticket. They lock horns in Bissau where the hosts need a win to qualify, while just a draw is enough for Congo to go through.

Group J

Tunisia and Equatorial Guinea qualified. Tanzania and Libya are eliminated.

Group K

Cote d’Ivoire qualified; Niger is eliminated.

Ethiopia (9 points) and Madagascar (7) battle for second spot. Madagascar entertains Niger while Ethiopia is away to Cote d’Ivoire.

A draw is enough for Ethiopia to qualify as they enjoy a better head-to-head result with Madagascar, who will only qualify if they win and Ethiopia lose.

Group L

Nigeria qualified, Lesotho is eliminated.

Benin (7 points) and Sierra Leone (4) are still in the race. They lock horns in Freetown.

A draw sees Benin through, while Sierra Leone needs a win to qualify.

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