IBB Golf Club Lady Captain Kick-off Tenure With Children’s Day Funfair

IBB Golf Club Lady Captain Kick-off Tenure With Children’s Day Funfair

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By Vitus Michael

It was an excitement galore for the club and the Ladies Section as the newly elected Lady Captain of IBB International Golf and Country Club, Abuja, Joy Ikwue began her one-year tenure with Children’s event as she marked the 2022 Children’s Day celebration in grand style.

About 100 Children from ages two to Eighteen divided into three different categories converged at the training pitch to learn the rudiments of golf.

Areas touched during the five hours of training include holding of Club especially for those that are coming to the golf course for the first time, position of ball and legs, putting and chipping.

An elated Lady Captain, Joy Ikwue said despite the fact that May 27 is a day of merriment for the children, training them on how to play golf will be a memorable one for them.

“As a lover of children, beginning my one year activities with them has been my desire. Children are gifts from God and they are the joy of every parents. So I thank God for giving me the grace to fulfill one of my heart desires.” She boasted.

“Is a good thing to start introducing the younger ones at a tender age to golf. Doing this and they practising here will also give them the interest to pick the game of Golf. And you can never tell, some of them might decide to become golfers tomorrow and by God grace they might become our Tiger Woods or some of the stars we see all over the world “

Joy Ikwue who wass the former Chairperson of IBB International Golf and Country Club Children Golf Development clinic said encouraging them at this age is quite important for their development in the game. She promised that those identify to have greater interest in becoming golfer will be monitored by the club.

“Children Development golf clinic will be coming up in July and Junior open in August, from where we will further monitor those with high sense of golfing. Also we are planning to organise kitty quarterly for them so as to encourage them more in the game”. She concluded.

Mrs Oreoluwa Olowolayemo, a parent commended the organizers for putting up the event. She said such will further increase the Children interest in the game. She however urged the club through the Pros section to keep tap on those Children that have great golfing skills so as to identify and nurture them to become world beaters.

Highlights of the day include eating, drinking dancing and cutting of cake to mark the Children’s day celebration.

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