IOC Donates $1 Million To Turkey-Syria Earthquake Rescue Mission

IOC Donates $1 Million To Turkey-Syria Earthquake Rescue Mission

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By Amaechi Agbo

The International Olympic Committee, IOC has donated the sum of one million USD to help those affected by the twin Monday earthquake that ravaged Turkey and Syria on Monday.

The world Olympic Movement umpire said it had created an emergency fund an will donate the sum to help cushion the impact of the quake on the victims

The IOC, the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA), the European Olympic Committees (EOC) and the Olympic Refuge Foundation (ORF) will donate a total of USD one million to help the Olympic community in the areas affected by the natural disaster.

The IOC and OCA will each give USD 250,000, EOC will give EUR 250,000, while the ORF will make available an additional amount of USD 260,000 for immediate emergency assistance to the local population and refugees in Turkey and Syria

“It is with great sadness that we have learnt of the tragic loss of life and devastation caused by the earthquake that has struck the south-eastern region of Türkiye and Syria.

“I have spoken to the NOC President of Türkiye and the NOC President of Syria, and have heard from them about the impact the earthquake has had on many members of the Olympic community. Unfortunately there are a number of athletes and members of the Olympic community among the victims, while many others have lost their homes and sports infrastructure has been heavily damaged,” said IOC President, Thomas Bach.

“We discussed how best to support the members of the Olympic community. As a result of the conversations, we have agreed with the OCA, the EOC and the ORF to take immediate action,” the IOC President added.

“Our first-response emergency assistance in Türkiye will channelled through the Olympic Refuge Foundation and their partners on site. In Syria, we will work with international NGOs and UN agencies that are able to access the affected areas. We have learnt that the biggest need at the moment is for food, medicine and tents.”

Also, the European football body UEFA are among the sporting federations providing financial aid for those affected by the devastating earthquakes in Turkey and Syria.

UEFA and its Foundation for Children will donate an initial 200,000 euros ($214,000) to support the humanitarian operation in Turkey and Syria.

The English Premier League said it will be donating one million pounds ($1.2m) in response to the tragedies and that players and officials will wear black armbands for this weekend’s round of Premier League matches.

So far, ninety-nine countries have offered assistance to help with quake relief efforts in Turkey, the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs has said quoted by Al Jazeera

On the ground, search and rescue teams from 68 nations were present with 8,326 foreign personnel, the ministry tweeted.

The death toll from the Turkey-Syria earthquake reached 24,000 on Saturday morning as rescuers continued to work around the clock to find survivors.

In Turkey, the number of fatalities has risen to 20,665, the country’s Disaster and Emergency Management Authority (AFAD) has said.

It said that nearly 93,000 victims have been evacuated from the quake zone in southern Turkey and that more than 166,000 personnel were involved in the rescue and relief efforts.

Meanwhile in Syria, more than 3,500 people have been reported dead.

At least 870,000 people urgently needed food in the two countries after the quake, which has made up to 5.3 million people homeless in Syria alone, the UN warned.

The Disaster and Emergency Committee, DEC has announced that the priority needs of the evacuated survivors include “medical care, emergency shelter, winter kits, food, clean water, sanitation and hygiene are the most urgent needs for people in Turkey (Türkiye) and Syria right now”

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