LeBron James Praises Kyle Korver For Criticism Of White Privilege

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By Francis Joseph

LeBron James has praised his former teammate Kyle Korver for an essay he published on the subject of white privilege.

The veteran Utah Jazz player, who was a teammate of James on the Cleveland Cavaliers, wrote an article for the Players’ Tribune after reflecting on two incidents in recent years. His friend and teammate Thabo Sefolosha had his leg broken during an arrest outside a nightclub in 2015, and was later found not guilty of any crime. This year Russell Westbrook was the subject of racist invective from a fan at a Jazz game – the fan was later banned by Utah for life.

Korver, who is white, said he was “embarrassed” by his reaction to both incidents. He initially wondered why Sefolosha was at a nightclub during the season, and partly attributed the abuse of Westbrook to the player’s fiery nature.

The 38-year-old said that, unlike Westbrook and Sefolosha, he does not need to worry he will be the victim of discrimination.

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