Leon Balogun Lampooned For Insultive Comment Against Nigeria Journalists

Leon Balogun Lampooned For Insultive Comment Against Nigeria Journalists
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By Our Correspondent

Nigeria journalists and football followers have “attacked” Super Eagles defender, Leon Balogun over his uncomplementary remark against Nigeria journalists after the press conference organised by the teams handlers in Asaba Thursday, Bestchoicesports.com.ng can report

In a tweet on his twitter account, the
Brighton & Hove Albion defender made uncanny comment concerning an unnamed journalist who asked an “impressive” question that made the three Super Eagles players, Mikel Obi, Ahmed Musa and Leon Balogun himself as well as coach of the side, Gernot Rohr to look on with expressionless face.

Balogun, obviously not impressed with the question, had gone to twitter to post about the moment.

Tweeting @LeonBalogun, he said “When they’re asking the wrong questions – we were not impressed 🤣🤣🤣”

But his followers did not take it lightly with him with some asking him to respect the pen and paper profession while others questioned how he made it to the Super Eagles list after being a perpetual bench warmer in his club

“This is what happens when you turn the Super Eagles to a rehabilitation center for bench warmers,” Kingsley Oyero
@Koyero commented.

Bazinga @tolumoteni
said “You played 10 games all season, 801 minutes in total. You shouldn’t even be seated in a chair at that press conference to answer questions. You should have been allowed to continue your holiday.”

NigeriaFootball360 @okparaonline said “Too many people don’t realise “respect is reciprocal”. You can’t go hiding behind social media and score cheap points against established professionals for likes and hits and think people don’t see it.
@LeonBalogun you’re too nice to peeps. But I get it. Many don’t get etiquette.”

However, the fairly skinned defender have been making efforts to dounce the tension the comment has generated saying in subsequent tweets, “Come on guys, it’s just BANTER! No generalization, no wrong questions, no disrespect/mockery of ANY journalist – just tried to find a caption describing the expression on our faces in that very moment.

“Isn’t it clear? I was chosen cuz after this season I’m an experienced sitter 😉 Know how to keep my cool. Answer respectfully. Anyone present will confirm. Respect u just failed to give. Cuz you’re taking a funny caption personal, thinking it’s a general statement against all.

“Was, still is, forever will be. And everybody seems to understand…given the looks on everyone’s face in that picture I think it’s pretty obvious,” he said.

But Mr Olawale Quadry commenting on one of the Whatsapp groups said: “And this is the best you can do as a professional football player, MOCKING NIGERIAN JOURNALISTS because you weren’t impressed with their questions.

“This has clearly shown the kind of person you are off the pitch. You lack etiquette as a professional.”

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