More Revelations In Abia State Sports Council Of Corruption

More Revelations In Abia State Sports Council Of Corruption

By Ebube Dike

In continuation of our exposition of the rot and alleged maladministration being perpetrated in the Abia State Sports Council, more accusations of corruption have been levelled against the Director, Mr Isaac Ogbonna, can report

An impeccable source this weekend told our undercover reporter in Umuahia, Abia State, that there are more troubling scenarios currently.

The source, a senior official of the council, told our reporter how the secretary of the council, Ochea Idika got his salary deducted from May to December, 2019 for a loan he collected from Federal Mortgage Bank in the state only to realise the money was never remitted into the banks account.

The source who craved anonymity for fear of victimisation said that the deduction which amounted to over N154, 000 was not accounted for.

Although he said he could not comment on the report of the panel set up by the Commissioner for youth and sports in the state to investigate the matter, he provided explanations on what had transpired thus far.

“By the virtue of the fact that a panel has been set up, I don’t need to comment on the matter because I understand that the panel made a recommendation to the government, so let not pre-empt the panel or say anything that will contradict what the panel has recommended,” the source commenced.

“I would have suggested you reach out to the commissioner who is supervising the parastatal. He also set up the panel of which report has been submitted to him. I don’t know the content of what the panel’s report are,” he started.

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Staff’s Unremitted Welfare Deductions

I am aware the staff have not been paid their welfare. I belong to the two of the schemes that are involved. Our chairman told us that we have not been paid for quite some time. Then the welfare, which I am also a member, we were being told that over a million naira was being owed to us.

But the onus lies on the Director to tell the panel that he has paid the members and present the documents.

Also the thing involving the secretary is the Federal Government Mortgage Bank loan.

I am aware that the secretary after collecting the loan, the sum of nineteen thousand, three hundred and thirty-two, eight kobo (N19, 332. 08) was being deducted from his salary monthly.

From the month of May to December, 2019, nothing was paid to Mortgage bank so his column was zero but that money has been deducted from his salary direct from the source (Accountant’s office). It was supposed to have been paid to the bank.

Normally at the end of the month, such money is supposed to have been paid to the bank to offset his monthly repayment. But for 8 months nothing was paid until the Accountant General took over the deduction of this money in January 2020, (started going in) the whole of May to December 2019, the money was deducted but nothing was paid.

The money that was deducted from his salary was domiciled in the sports council’s account. It was deducted from his personal salary and the Accountant General will release these monies to the respective ministries to pay for their staff which he is one.

It is not only him. Other people are involved but I am being particular about him and what happened to him. That money was not paid. He made the submission to the panel too. He asked the panel if it had any record to exonerate the Director that the money has been paid, let him present it. But I know he did not because there is a letter from that office. The secretary has been to the office, (Bank) and they showed him his column reading zero from May which was when he was supposed to start refunding. 

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