Nigeria Shooting Sport: From Obscurity To Popularity – The Need For Continuity (1)

Nigeria Shooting Sport: From Obscurity To Popularity – The Need For Continuity (1)

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By Amaechi Agbo

A big masquerade does not announce its presence in the village square. Its appearance, dance and efficacious display on any day is heralded by the chief priest and the elders in the clan who know the origin and tradition of the people’s mores.

When the big masquerade does appear thereafter, the people will not only be entertained, the cultural mores and traditions of the community is not only preserved but maintained and sustained for long ages.

At the Nigeria Shooting Sports Federation, NSSF, a big masquerade has arisen and the people, stakeholders owe humanity and society the responsibility to ensure that the good tidings that came with the past four years administration of Retired General Lonsdale Adeoye is not only maintained and sustained but reinvigorated, improved upon for greater shooting sport in Nigeria.

A man who in the past four years went beggarly after using his mere pension and gratuities to sponsor and support the growth and development of shooting sport in Nigeria deserve a return ticket to the federation as president to complete the building of foundation which he laid.

Under the able leadership of retired but NEVER TIRED Brigadier General Lonsdale Adeoye as the President of Nigeria Shooting Sports Federation, NSSF since July 21, 2017, the federation has witnessed:

Total overhaul of the abandoned Nigerian National Shooting Range located at the Package B of the Abuja National Stadium to the required standard, which is now seeing series of shooting activities, beclouded with a serene atmosphere, free from human and natural hazards;

Successful hosting of an integrated Coaching Clinic, both for para and able-bodied shooting coaches, domiciled in Nigeria, with over 30 participants;

The Board successfully hosted the first International Shooting Sport Federation (ISSF) Certified Grade D Coaching Course in Abuja, Nigeria, in conjunction with the Nigerian Olympic Committee(NOC) and Nigerian Lottery Trust Funds (NLTF) in January, 2017, with two professional Grade A (ISSF-Certified) tutors from Serbia.

In December, 2017, the NSSF organized the “ONE SERVICE, ONE MEDAL” Game in Kaduna and had security agents and agencies participating.

The Brigadier Lonsdale Adeoye-led Board further spread its developmental programmes to the media as the Board hosted the Maiden Media Shooting Workshop and Competition in February, 2018, where over fourty media professionals from the various media houses in Nigeria partaking in the four days event.

He also ensured the inauguration and co-option of para-officials into the main body of the NSSF, in consonance with International Shooting Sport Federation’s Statues, with the creation of the position of 2nd Vice President, among others.

As the Nigeria Shooting Sports Federation NSSF holds its zonal election on Wednesday, September 22, 2021, it is expected that those saddled with this responsibility should think common interest above self interest and ensure that the man who has brought shooting sport this far in the country, from obscurity to popularity, needs continuity to keep shooting sport for posterity.

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