OPINION: Anambra State FA Election – A Paradigm Shift From The ‘Norms’

OPINION: Anambra State FA Election – A Paradigm Shift From The ‘Norms’

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By Tobi Adepoju

A few weeks ago, I spoke about the Anambra State FA election after the Electoral Committee released the names of those cleared to contest the 2020 Anambra State FA election.

I hailed the Chairman of the Electoral Committee, Mr. Jude Anyadufu for standing firm despite intimidation from the Government of Anambra State, a lot of people thought I was doing an hype man job, I knew what I was talking about and I knew a lot would still happen.

However, the situation was clearer to everyone when the Anambra State Government stopped the Election despite the fact that the process met all the required guidelines set by the NCDC, but it was all politics and the decision had a terrible game plan that was capable of consuming football in Anambra State.

It was weeks and days of domestic politics, should Football be part of it? Expected as some personalities involved in the State FA election are also interested parties in the Anambra State politics.

Football stakeholders came together and preached peace to all the parties involved. People worked day and night, but the politics were deep, from one stage to another, gradually all the holes were filled and all the parties embrace peace, there are a few exception though.

I want to commend the Electoral Committee for standing for the truth, ensuring politics didn’t ruin Anambra football. Honestly, football still have sincere people and Mr. Jude and his crew proved everyone otherwise. I knew everything that happened and I will forever respect these people, money and government intimidation can’t buy everything in life.

I’m not a fan of toxic environment around our football and I wasn’t comfortable with the rumours and counter-accusations about the Election, I won’t bother to throw stones, the future has taken over the past. I also appreciate all the NFF Executive Members that listen to us.

I want to use this opportunity to call on Senator Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah to reach out to his friends in the NFF, they were good friends before and nothing should come in between good friends. All parties should embrace peace and work for an environment that will help football grow at all fronts. If these people unite, they will make a positive impact on our football both in Anambra State and National level.

The maturity of Anambra State FA Executives to handle the decision of the NFF nullifying the first election was truly a reflection of an Association that respects the NFF. The Executives listen to advise and the right process was achieved. Mistakes are part of life, accepting the errors and getting things done properly is the hallmark of a great personality. Other State FA with pending issues should learn from Anambra State FA, we need a peaceful football system.

Congratulations to Senator Ubah, I know you are driven with passion for Football and I hope Anambra FA will continue to build on the success achieved in the last term.

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