Provide Evidence Of Your Match Fixing Allegations – FCT FA Challenges Ekene Adams

Provide Evidence Of Your Match Fixing Allegations – FCT FA Challenges Ekene Adams

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The Federal Capital Territory, FCT Football Association has challenged Kada City Football Club Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Ekene Adams to come to the public and prove beyond all reasonable doubt the match fixing allegation levelled against Nigerian Air Force, Economic and Financial Crimes Commission football Clubs as well as FCT FA.

Addressing journalists in Abuja on Friday, FCT FA Secretary, Haruna Ilerika who was sad about the allegation said that it was embarrassing, disgusting and alarming to drag the integrity and honor of the three responsible institution into the mud adding that the FA will not take the issue with kid glove.

“FCT FA is one of the most responsible in the country, and the integrity of the two institutions Ekene Adams alleged that are involved in match fixing are not in doubt, it now behoves on him to come out and prove to Nigerians how and when they plan to fix EFCC FC Vs NAF FC Nigeria National League last group game tie.

“Teams in Abuja are owned by parastatals and ministries whose primary objective is not to play at the highway level of the league, hence are not desperate playing the elite league. So, for someone to just wake up and make this kind of allegation, the onion lies on Nigeria Football Federation and Nigeria National League (league body) to ask him come out with the at his disposal to make him.

Haruna Usman wondered why he dragged FCT FA into the mess when the match will be played in Nasarawa state and will be organised and monitored by the Nasarawa State Football Association.

“The match is not going to be played under the purview of FCT FA but under Nasarawa FA and at no time the FCT FA has involved themselves in games played at the venue. Though both teams are affiliated with FCT FA but EFCC FC play their games in Nasarawa. So, i dont know the interest of Kada City CEO to come with such categorical statement that embarrassed the three organisations.

He said they have taken action that will make him prove the alleged match fixing.

“As FA we have written to the Nigeria National League, NAF FC and EFCC FC have made written complaints to the league body and we are waiting for the outcome of our letter which has been referred to the Integrity Committee of the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF).

“We are also waiting for the Integrity Committee of the NFF to beg Ekene Adams to substantiate the match fixing allegation. He should state clearly the venue where representatives of the three organisations met, the time the recorded voice, the written agreement. We called on the league body to protect the integrity of the game to curb future occurrence,” he concluded.

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