Queen Uboh-Idris Faces Investigation As PPFN Board Rejects Her Resignation

Queen Uboh-Idris Faces Investigation As PPFN Board Rejects Her Resignation
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By Our Correspondent

The embattled President of the Para-Powerlifting Federation of Nigeria, PPFN, Queen Uboh-Idris, faces investigation after the PPFN Board described her purported resignation invalid, Bestchoicesports.com.ng can report.

Queen Uboh-Idris has been in the spotlight lately particularly concerning the manner the just concluded Para-powerlifting World Cup in Abuja was organised prominent among her actions was presenting her own team called “The Unstoppables” against Nigeria’s team. While the ministry of youth and sports development, presented a team of 30 lifters for Nigeria, Queen Uboh-Idris presented 50 lifters.

She reported resigned from her position as PPFN president on Friday during the closing ceremony of the World Cup.

Amidst allegations of sabotaging Nigeria’s interest and other inimical actions, the board of Nigeria Para Powerlifting Federation (NPPF) on Saturday suspended its embattled President, Queen Uboh-Idris, over series of other violations including her penchant for unilaterally running the board.

The suspension came as the board rejected Uboh-Idris’ purported resignation that was deemed to have failed to comply with due process making it invalid.

She will now face investigation to unravel her fundraising activities for the just concluded Para Powerlifting World Cup, for which she received donations with her private banks accounts instead of the federation’s account.

She also repeatedly withheld information from other board members, who were left in the dark about activities around the world cup.

A board member said “Queen (Uboh-Idris) was called on the phone to attend the meeting so that we can hear from her but she claimed to have resigned.

“We told her that there is a process for an elected board member to follow when they desire to resign and she has not followed that process.

“She has therefore not resigned, which means she must first cooperate with the investigation that has been ordered,” the source said.

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