REVEALED: The Many Plans To Relegate FC Ifeanyi Ubah From NPFL

REVEALED: The Many Plans To Relegate FC Ifeanyi Ubah From NPFL

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By Adewale Ajayi

The gentle viper may be asleep but that is not a sign of weakness. NRA boss and all members of the Nigeria referees association have stepped on a viper’s tail and must be ready to face the consequence of their action.

This might be the end of league football in Nigeria, an end to bad officiating in our football and an end to corruption in Nigeria football.

The LMC too must be ready for the mother of all battles. The obvious signs are there. Even today, Katsina United lived up to their name and stopped officials from accessing the match venue. Like Katsina United, like Kano Pillars, the stories are always too many to remember but the LMC in their usual ways, will keep quiet once a Northern team is involved or once a governor is their friend but will be willing to hurt a private club owner who goes out of his way to spend his hard earned money on football.

These men cannot run an amateur club, they have no legacies both home and abroad but all they do is to frustrate private club owners, relegate their clubs and leave the sponsors in pain and anguish. Na palava them dey find ooooh and na palava them go get.

FC Ifeanyi Ubah

Officiating in Nigeria football is the worst in Africa and the worst around the world. Nigeria referees allegedly pay a percentage back to the gods to be appointed for league matches and any referee who refuses to do so, is denied the opportunity to officiate league games. In the coming days, there will be revelations, there will be molestation and there will be stories to tell. The end is finally here.

Between governor Obiano of Anambra state.and the NFF, these agreements were reached in August last year

  1. Frustrate Senator Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah governorship ambition by first annuling the Anambra FA Elections
  2. Relegate FC Ifeanyi Ubah and end Senator Ubah’s popularity through football
  3. Give Anambra state a spot in the NPFL
  4. Revive and reconstructure the Anambra Township stadium in Awka
  5. Obiano allegedly pledged to support Nigeria football and the FIFA council seat which he did.
  6. A deal worth over 600m naira was signed between both parties for the Awka stadium and work has gone very far as we speak.

As a followup to these agreements, a 5-MAN HATCHETBOYS Committee was set up. Among those in this committee is the COO of the NPFL, Salihu Abubakar, a man who has brought tribalism, ethnic and religious sentiments to the league. What we have now, is a league that favors some at the detriment of others.

Sunshine stars and FC Ifeanyi Ubah were banished to Lagos and Enugu respectively while the likes of Kano Pillers and Katsina United enjoy ethnic immunity in Nigeria football.

The time for all sane stakeholders to rise up and fight for the soul of Nigeria football is now! Enough is enough!

In the coming days, there will be crisis and rumors of crisis in Nigeria football. Men will be exposed as the lion will come home to roast. Whoever is conspiring against the truth, whoever is fighting against justice and Fairplay will be exposed. All the ills in Nigeria football especially the League will be exposed. Like I said, enough is enough!

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