STRANGE: Substitute Player Concedes Penalty while Warming Up

STRANGE: Substitute Player Concedes Penalty while Warming Up

Football can be cruel at times, and with big brother, the VAR watching, even the slightest of innocent incidences can be very costly.

Michael Eberwein and Holstein Kiel learnt that the hard way when the new midfielder conceded a penalty as he warmed up just behind the post.
Eberwein joined the Bundesliga 2 side in June and was warming up to make his debut on Friday when touched a ball that was in play just before it went out for what could have been a goal-kick.

The referee blew his whistle for a goal kick, but the VAR check awarded the opponents a penalty kick, with Eberwein shown a yellow card for his act.

New International FA Board rules indicate that should a substitute interfere with play, a referee can award a direct free-kick or penalty depending on the infringement.
Eberwein will, however, be relieved that they still won the match 2-1 despite his debacle, and are currently seventh in Germany’s second division.

His coach, Ole Werner, laughed the incident off after the match having picked up maximum points.
“Now we can laugh about it,” Werner said. “Michi will probably have to listen to some spells for the remainder of the season.”
That was one scary moment for the 23-year-old.

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