The Labours Of Our Legends Past: Sports Minister, Sunday Dare Can Do More (OPINION)

The Labours  Of Our Legends Past: Sports Minister, Sunday Dare Can Do More (OPINION)

In the last 368 days the Sports Minister, Sunday Dare took several steps to create impact in untouched areas by the past administration in the sector

Wholistically, the stipends and financial support handed out by the minister to families of late sports legends in the country is a step forward to put a smile on the families of the deceased .

Expectantly, the Minister can do more – imagine what can a monthly 30,O00 (thirty thousand niaia) do to a ailing mother that has been suffering all her life while at the twilight of her last years on earth .

Productively, insurance policies should be set up for sportsmen that have served and are still serving Nigeria in any capacity.

In the categories of past heroes of our sports that the minister touched first was the mother of former Super Eagles striker, Rashidi Yekini. Yekini died in May 2012.

Samuel Okwaraji died in 1989

Next was the mother of another former Super Eagles star, Samuel Okwaraji. Okwaraji, a graduate, died in 1989.

The Sports Minister also sent special message to mother of late 400metres runner, Sunday Bada. Bada departed the world in 2011.

The main messages were #50,000 donation to each of them, food stuff, beverages and other items.

There was also the decision to place the mothers on N30, 000 monthly stipend.

Potentially, he can do more by giving families larger grants for such mothers to start up bussinesses to change their lives. Granting scholarships to one or two children of these late icons would not be a task too great for the ministry to implement.

Here we are talking about athletes, sportsmen and women most of who dedicated their entire time to serve this great nation. Through sports, their character and performances on the field, they globalised Nigeria as one of the sporting countries to reckon with.

The steps taking by the sports minister do far is commendable no doubt but more efforts are need to change the fortune of the families left behind.

The best way to preserve the heritage’s of our sports and ensure that future athletes represent this country with their hearts and minds is to ensure that the labour’s of our past legends, heroes and icons are not left in vain.

We sincerely hope he would consider moving forward….

Coach uni Dan Kakwi..

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