Unveiling The Powerful Woman In NFF Destroying Nigeria Female Football (The End)

Unveiling The Powerful Woman In NFF Destroying Nigeria Female Football (The End)

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By Our Correspondent

Bestchoicesports.com.ng was also told by sources within and outside the NFF that Lady R&D became so powerful and untouchable in the NFF so much so that she decides who gets what in appointment of female coaches and invitation of players to camp.

She calls the shot at the federation and will not hesitate for a second to push anyone who challenges her out of the moving train.

Following the injustice and embarrassing way Desire Oparanozie was dropped from the Super Falcons without respect and explanation from neither the NFF nor the female department, a brother to the former skipper had this to say

“Desire Oparanozie is my sister. So I am complaining as her brother, among other things. Is there anyone here who doesn’t know her?

“She has just been dropped from the Super Falcons, blamed for the team’s protest in France, at the FIFA Women’s World Cup last July. She was captain and probably expected to stop the protest. What explains this version of NFF justice? She should be restored to her privileges and position. The poor girl is not happy. She says someone highly placed in the glasshouse wants to frustrate her

“She has offered so much to fatherland. She was captain of the Super Falcons until recently and now there is a gangup to molest and disgrace her because she acted her role as team captain

“I am worried because I smell too much sentiments in our football. I am worried because we have leaders who hate criticism, I am worried because we live in a society where the truth is always not appreciated.”

This paper gathered that the Female Department in the NFF has minimum or no supervision of any kind from the NFF President or any other unit in the Federation to checkmate the abnormalities being perpetrated there.

On this issue, Bella Ekeoma noted that “When players protest their entitlements (bonuses and allowances), it’s either the coaches pay for it, or some players are blamed and subsequently dropped from the national team. It’s a wrong practice but it has come to stay. Just like the case of Super Falcons coaches of 2016, Coach Florence Omagbemi, Coach Ann Chiejine, Coach Perpetua Nkwocha and Coach Precious Dede were all dropped, even some of the backroom staff, because according to the NFF, they should have stopped the players protesting for their money.”

“It is a pity that Desire Oparanozie is going through this rough road but if i may ask what of others? This is not new with our national teams, 2004 (AWC) in South Africa such ugly act took place and nothing happened to the Kikelomon Ajayi led Super Falcons, why must Desire Oparanozie suffer this public disgrace?” Macharles Ndukaihe queried.

L-R: Shehu Dikko, Amaju Pinnick, Seyi Akinwunmi

Another coach who also alleged to have suffered in the hands of Lady R&D said that nobody questions her decisions and she does not accommodate any coach who would not ‘submit’ to her whims and caprices. The coach further alleged that Lady R&D threatens coaches and players alike. “She does not act alone, she has her foot soldiers, information officers who gossip around in team camp, looking for who to implicate and sabotage.

“The three foot soldiers are “One is another official in the female department, who is a lady too. The other two are men, old men who go about gossiping in the camp. One of them is in the secretariat unit, he smokes and drinks a lot; the other man is in the technical department. He is always around, talk less but act behind the scene.

“She uses the coaches and another lady in the female unit to perfect her evil. In the Super Falcons, these cabal, headed by Lady R&D want to keep who they can work with, that will support and gossip to her. But if she is out of her position things will change in the national teams

“They are behind what is going on in the Super Falcons and other national female teams as well. Lady R&B and co is behind this.

“She must leave the female department if woman football have to grow in this country

“She will be bragging that no one can remove her there and she is the one in charge of NFF. Could you imagine that?

“If you don’t do what Lady R&D told you about players she wants you to invite, she will deal with you

“These four people who work hand in glove have damaged Nigeria women football. It is so bad that people who are working at the Glass House are afraid of them. What happened between Thomas Dennerby (former Super Falcons coach) and NFF is an indication that Amaju Pinnick, the president of NFF, is not in total control of the Female Department. The rot there is enormous,” the coach who pleaded anonymity told our correspondent.

In a letter to the honourable minister of youth and sports, Sundare Akin Dare, following the crash out of Super Falcons from the Olympics race, the writer, Adewale Ajayi said

“It is with bitterness and pain that I write this letter. As I type, my body is shivering and my hands are shaking seriously like a man just diagnosed of epilepsy. I am in severe pain, yes in real pain because our football has fallen from grace to grass in a twinkle of an eye.

“We have been reduced from giants to dwarfs. We have struggled to stand tall among our mates because we have allowed tribal and religious sentiments becloud our sense of reasoning. We have sold our sanity to the dogs and now behave like goats on a busy street.

“Last week, it was our home based Super Eagles team that was severely beaten and battered by minnows Togo and now our dear Super Falcons have been taught a lesson by an unknown quantity called Ivory Coast.

“Who did we offend as a country? What have we done wrong to find ourselves in this mess?

“Is it because you are too gentle that men want to take your simplicity for granted? Is it because you have been so nice that men now think you cannot bark?

“Arise our dear sports minister and take the stubborn bull by the horn. Please ask questions because there are lots of questions to be asked.

1. Ask them why Dennerby was sacked and why adequate measures were not put in place to replace him.

 2. Ask them why the captain of the Super Falcons team, Desire Oparanozie and a few others were banned from the National team because they were seen as threat to the powers that be?

3. Please ask them why the women’s league has not been given a dime from the board to operate for 4years, even when on a yearly basis the NFF gets over 10millon Naira to develop the women’s game in the annual budget?

4. Sir please ask them what happens to the over 120,000 US dollars that FIFA gives as grants for the development of the women’s game? Why is the league not enjoying from these privileges?

5. Sir please ask them why a certain lady is so powerful that no man or woman in Nigeria football can dare her. She runs the game, attends all the international conferences and decides everything. We are too scared of her and see where she has led us.

 6. Honourable minister sir, please ask about a certain Mr Rafiu and his influence on the team. My boss please ask before these people destroy our joy and kill our passion.

“We trust in your wisdom and have absolute confidence in your ability to effect a change sir. We look forward to your urgent action,” the letter read.

A commentator on social media, who is in the know of the goings-on in the female department of the NFF and the shame that unit has brought upon Nigerians and Nigeria, had this to say: “That NFF Woman Who Is Feared By All. Who frustrated Thomas Dennerby Out of Super Falcons…who picked coaches with low repute for Falcons jobs…whose actions cannot be questioned even by Amaju Pinnck…That woman is the goddess of Nigeria football…In Glass House, she is untouchable. She hold four positions at once during a competition…Falcons Players fear her more than they respect referees. She is very wealthy just like some other NFF officials who are wealthy beyond what they earn. HER NAME IS She-Who-Must-Be-Obeyed.

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