Victor FC Team Manager, Chukwunenye Marshalls Plans For The Young Club

Victor FC Team Manager, Chukwunenye Marshalls Plans For The Young Club

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By Our Correspondent

The Team Manager of Victor Academy, Chief Ekeukwu Luke Chukwunenye has spoken about his dreams and aspirations for his team, Victor Academy who are currently based in Aba.

Speaking in an interview with journalists on Wednesday, the former footballer turned administrator talked about his football journey

“I started playing football at the age of 11. I started as a right winger playing from little age until I gained promotion to the senior set up. Playing was so challenging and most of my friends were in the same team.

The Akuamaka 1 na Amiri (Lukas) said he has always loved football and that as a manager, he is driven by passion and that is why the boys must succeed and this is also why he provides for the team, making sure they lack nothing

The South-Africa-based manager spoke on the difference between football in South Africa and Nigeria

“Football in Nigeria and South Africa cannot be compared.

We Nigerians are talented as much as South Africans but the difference between both varies.

Team Manager of Victor Academy, Chief Ekeukwu Luke Chukwunenye

In Nigeria we play with strength, as much as South Africans also play with strength but you cannot compare both. We are more physical in Nigeria. Fitness is the difference

Another aspect of difference is that as an indigenous player of South Africa, you have the opportunity to play professionally more than there in Nigeria”

His team, Victor Academy are currently in the quarterfinal of the Umule league and they will play on Monday. Ekeukwu spoke highly of his team and their progress so far and he is satisfied

“Rating the team now?

Rating the team now from what I know before, they have improved drastically. I rate the team 9/10.

As for the progress I have made so far with the team, football in Nigeria is all about money. When there is money in the team everyone plays with a relaxed mind.

By the grace of God I make sure I provide for them what they need to play good football, my impact have brought much progress so far, and I am impressed”

He said that he has no challenges with the team so far, as things are going on smoothly. He further spoke about the expectations from his team on Monday as the team will play in the quarterfinals of the Umule league

“I am aware of the quarterfinals, it was a thing of joy to see them qualify as group leaders.

My expectation on Monday is for them to win and qualify for the next round, I wish them all the best.

My expectation is a qualification to the semi-final, we hope the heavens will smile on us at the end.” Said the elated South-Africa-based administrator

He said that his dream is to see his team succeed and to watch them play for big clubs in Europe, as he was watching the Champions League before the interview

“It is every father’s dream to see his child succeed in all aspects of life.

It has been my dream to see all these players succeed.

My dream is to see one or two of these players playing professional football. I wish and I pray for contacts and connections.

If any of them that gets a contract to travel out, money to support will not be a problem”

He said he looks forward to a robust working relationship between his team and the media, as he recognizes the role the media play in the football business

“Putting Victor Academy in the media would be a very big privilege to the technical crew and players .

It will be an amazing experience getting to be appearing in the media, whatever it takes for the team to shake hands with the media, I am ready for it. God will help us”

Chief Ekeukwu is a philanthropist who has helped to develop his hometown; helping the needy, contributions to his village and since he became a chief, he has hosted his village league every Christmas period

The team was founded in 2006 and is currently coached my Victor Ofoleta. They play at Umuode primary school ground for now pending the completion of Umuojima mini stadium

Honours for the team: 2014 Abayi Super League Champions, 2014 Umuode League Champions, 2015 3rd place finish at the Abayi Umuocham Champions League.

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