Why Do Nigeria Professional League Players Earn Much But Many Look Unkept? (OPINION)

Why Do Nigeria Professional League Players Earn Much But Many Look Unkept? (OPINION)

But you see a player in europe earning 100 or 200 euro looking so fresh which I believe is not about the weather. We have many people here in Nigeria that work in offices or other jobs that have not steppes out of the country and look so fresh and look weel-kept still earn far lesser than an average Nigeria professional league player.

An average NPFL player don’t take enough good care of himself. They don’t concentrate on there wellbeing and upkeep but rather concentrate more on other things Friends , Family and girlfriends.

It’s important that an average NPFL player should know he is a brand that his focus should be ensuring his look must always be appealing.

Few years ago, LMC directed that no player in the league should earn less than N150, 000 per month

Which company will want to use an average NFPL player as brand advert when he is keeping tarred hair and beard. Looking so rough in most cases , who will put such for advert.

Many of The NPFL players should start looking beyond the salary they earn and focus on how to earn extra income through other means (brand advert) and this can be achieved if they start packaging. Looking good always and being a fashionista with the proper use of your social media , you will get that brand advert . Many small companies are out there with their budgets but when they don’t really see value in our NFPL players, they will not use them.

Shout-out to those who are really looking out for themselves and utilizing there social media platform.

Keeping unkeptĀ  beards and look shouldn’t be a trademark that you are playing in Nigeria Football league , lets look good and fresh with good haircut and this also goes to the Grassroot players.

They must keep their hair and beards clean and neat before people will know they are playing football.

Looking like suffer-head doesn’t mean people will help you. People don’t support someone who look suffer-head . Look good today .

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Hamza Akeem Oladimeji

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