2022 Sports Festival: Delta, Lagos Amass Gold To Dominate Day Two Weightlifting Events

2022 Sports Festival: Delta, Lagos Amass Gold To Dominate Day Two Weightlifting Events

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… Akwa Ibom, Abịa, Kano Edo States Also Won Medals

By Amaechi Agbo

Delta State on Tuesday won a total of 6 gold medals, Lagos claimed 3 to dominate Day Two in Weightlifting Events at the ongoing 21st National Sports Festival, NSF in Asaba, Delta State

Delta State claimed all the three gold medals at stake in 49kg women as well as 67kg men categories while Lagos went home with all three gold medals in 55kg men category

In the 49kg women category, Monica Uweh of Delta State won gold medal in Snatch with a lift of 75kg. She also claimed gold in Total with 165kg lift as well as silver in Clean&Jerk with 90kg lift while her compatriot, Ebele Agbah won gold in Clean&Jerk with 90kg lift. She also claimed silver in Total with 163kg lift

Ruth Asuquo Nyong of Nasarawa State claimed silver medal in Snatch with 74kg lift while Ebele Agbah won bronze with 73kg lift.

Augustina Nwaokolo of Lagos State won bronze medal in Total with 153kg lift

Lagos State went home with all the three good medals at stake in 55kg men category leaving Akwa Ibom and Kano States to settle for silver and bronze.

Agbah Ebele and Uweh Monica both won gold medals for Team Delta in 49kg women category on Wednesday. Photo: NWF Media.

Didih Onome was dominant as he claimed gold medals in Snatch, Clean&Jerk and Total for the Centre of Excellence with 86kg, 103kg and 189kg lifts, respectively.

Theresa Daniel of Akwa Ibom State won all the three silver medals after lifting 78kg in Snatch, 102kg in Clean&Jerk and 180kg in Total.

Kano State collected all three bronze medals after Temidayo Jedgede lifted 78kg in Snatch and 176kg in Total as well as Anabel Tsesaa’s 100kg in Clean&Jerk.

Delta State was in cruise control of 67kg men category as The Big Heart state won all gold medals courtesy of Opadeji Adedapo’s 125k lifts in Snatch, 150kg in Clean&Jerk and 275kg in Total.

Abia State won silver and bronze in Clean&Jerk and Total after Obinna Ironna lifted 147kg and 257kg, in that order.

Johnson Aladetoun of Edo state won two silver medals in Snatch and Total with 117kg and 262kg lifts. He also claimed bronze in Clean&Jerk with 145kg lift.

Below are full results of Day Two Weightlifting Events on Tuesday, December 6

49kg Women

Monica Uweh, Delta, 75kg, gold
Ruth Asuquo Nyong, Nasarawa, 74kg, silver
Ebele Agbah, Delta,73kg, bronze

Ebele Agbah Delta, 90kg, gold
Monica Uweh, Delta, 90kg, silver
Augustina Nwaokolo, Lagos, 86kg bronze

Monica Uweh, Delta, 165kg, gold
Ebele Agbah, Delta, 163kg, silver
Augustina Nwaokolo, Lagos, 153kg, bronze

55kg Men
Didih One, Lagos, 86kg, gold
Theresa Daniel, Akwa Ibom, 78kg, silver
Temidayo Jedgede, Kano, 78kg, bronze

Didih One, Lagos, 103kg, gold
Theresa Daniel, Akwa Ibom, 102kg, silver
Anabel Tsesaa, Kano, 100kg, bronze

Didih One, Lagos, 189kg, gold
Theresa Daniel, Akwa Ibom, 180kg, silver
Temidayo Jedgede, Kano, 176kg, bronze

67kg Men
Opadeji Adedapo Delta 125kg gold
Johnson Aladetoun Edo 117kh silver
Yohanna Jack Plateau 115kg, bronze


Opadeji Adedapo Delta 150kg, gold
Obinna Ironna Abia 147kg silver
Johnson Aladetoun Edo 145kg bronze


Opadeji Adedapo Delta 275kg gold
Johnson Aladetoun Edo 262kg silver
Obinna Ironna Abia 257kg bronze

Actions continue today, Day 3 in Weightlifting with the following Events scheduled to take place at the Multi-purpose Hall of Orchid Hotels, Asaba, Delta State.

Wednesday 7th December

73Kg Men Group A
Weigh in – 7:30am – 8:30am
Competition – 9:30am

59Kg Women
Weigh in – 10: 30am – 11: 30am
Competition – 12:30pm

64Kg Women
Weigh in – 1:30pm – 2:30pm
Competition – 3:30pm

81Kg Men Group B
Weigh in – 4:30pm – 5:30pm
Competition – 6:30pm

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