Argentina Goalkeeper Scores World Record 101 Metre Goal From Goal Kick

Argentina Goalkeeper Scores World Record 101 Metre Goal From Goal Kick

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By Our Correspondent and Agency Report

Argentinian goalkeeper Leandro Requena
made history over the weekend after he scored from goal kick in his own box in the Chilean League.

The goal could set the Guinness World Record for the longest strike in football history.
It was scored by goalie Leandro Requena in a Chilean top-tier match between Cobresal and Colo-Colo.

In the 77th minute, with his side Cobresal already 2-0 up, Requena dropped the ball in front of him and gave it an almighty whack from inside his own six-yard box.

The ball sailed through the air and bounced just in front of Colo-Colo goalie Brayan Cortes, who was stood miles off his line.

It bounced over Cortes, who desperately backtracked to try and head it clear to no avail.

The broadcasters let out the most worthy drawn out ‘GOAL!’ as the keeper’s teammates swarmed him to celebrate.

The goal helped his side to a 3-1 win, but it may be about to get better for the shot-stopper.

It is believed that Requena’s kick went in from 101 metres, which is more than the previous Guinness World Record of 96.01m and the club is pushing for the goal to be recognized by the Guinness World Record organisers.

He told Radio Bio Bio: ”I asked Juan Silva, the club’s manager, if the request for the record application was really going to be made and he told me ‘obviously yes’.

“So now we are waiting for what is needed to verify what the distance really was. (Silva) did tell me that the ANFP (Chilean Football Federation) called him to check the measurements of the field, which is 105 meters and a bit.

“If so, since the area is five meters, it would be logically over 100. The truth is that I am happy with all this, more than anything personally, but also for the institution, for Chilean football. Going down in history with an event like this makes me happy.”

The location of the field may have played a big part in the feat as well, with Cobresal’s stadium Estadio El Cobre 2200m above sea level.

Requena explained how he used the conditions to his advantage.

He continued: “I wanted to take the kick quickly as we have done so many times at altitude, to try to catch the rival off guard and it came out a little stronger than normal.

“The first thing I did as soon as the ball left my foot was hold my head because there were two players in a clear position to counter-attack and I realised that it had gone long.

“When I saw the bounce made it difficult for Brayan and it went past him, I thought the ball could go in.”

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