Arsenal Supporters Suspend Fan In Gombe State For Insulting Players After Man City Defeat

Arsenal Supporters Suspend Fan In Gombe State For Insulting Players After Man City Defeat

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By Amaechi Agbo

Arsenal fans in Gombe State, Northeast Nigeria, have suspended one Ibrahim Terrror after accusing him of publicly insulting its players and discouraging supporters.

The Dawaki West branch of the Arsenal Supporters made this known in a statement directed at the suspended member on Friday.

In football fans are rated the most critical stakeholders by any serious league across the globe and these supporters do everything possible not just to show support to their clubs but to remain important in the business of the football game.

The place of football fans/supporters in a football match cannot be sidelined.

For instance, in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic that engulfed the world in 2020 and killed millions, players across leagues cried for lack of fans on the stands following stadium closures against fans in order to minimize the spread of the virus.

Teams are banned from allowing fans into their home stadium as a punishment for breaching the rule of the game. Such clubs are not only affected mentally psychologically, they also suffer “abandonment”

Consequently, fans hold the club’s they support very dear and close to their hearts and will do everything possible to “defend” the club and show solidarity from an opposing fans.

Fans bantering are common among the Nigeria football fans particularly the English Premier League followers. The EPL has a large fan-base in Nigeria more than any other League in Europe

Arsenal’s fan-base in Nigeria increased more this season following the club’s leadership of the EPL table for a larger part of the league.

However, their leadership came “under attack” following their 4-1 loss against Manchester City on Wednesday last week. The defeat reduced the point gap between both teams to just two points and the defending champions finally overtook Arsenal on the log on Sunday following their hard-earned 2-1 win over Fulham.

Although Arsenal can regain their position with victory against Chelsea on Tuesday, but far away in Gombe State, North-East, Nigeria, an Arsenal fan has been “suspended” for insulting the club players following their humiliation against City.

The Gombe State branch of the Arsenal Supporters in a letter dated April 28 and signed by its Acting Chairman, Vice Chairman and the Secretary, announced the suspension of one Ibrahim Terror from supporting the club for Insulting Arsenal players.

The letter noted that the suspension will last till end of the season and Mr Terror is expected to write an apology letter as his comment were capable of making other Arsenal fans fear that their club could lose the Premier League title.

The letter as obtained by our Correspondent reads:

“Peace be upon you,

“From today, Friday 28″April, 2023, after sitting with this club fans, we are suspending you from the fans of this club from now to 28 May,2023 which is towards the end of the season.

“The club has made this decision based on
how you are insulting players and making other
fans fear that Arsenal will not win (the league), we hope those with such attitude will avoid (it)

“Lastly, this group urges you to quickly write Apology Letter from the end of the Premier League.”

The letter was signed by the Acting Chairman, Mozey Dataz; Acting Vice Chairman, Sani Rolex and the Acting Secretary, Umar Henry.

Arsenal will take on Chelsea on Tuesday night and they are under immense pressure to beat the “struggling Londoners” in order to reclaim their top position on the Premier League echelon.

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