Between IMC AND NFF: English Language As The Newest Prosecution Witness In NPFL (OPINION)

Between IMC AND NFF: English Language As The Newest Prosecution Witness In NPFL (OPINION)

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The Nigeria Football Association (Federation) Disciplinary Committee recently inaugurated by Ibrahim Gusau had its baptism with the case brought before it on the decision of the Nigeria Premier Football League, NPFL organisers, the Interim Management Committee, IMC on allegations of wrong doing by Remo Stars FC and its officials for prejudicial conduct during their match against Gombe United Fc.

I know those reading this may wonder what the headline of this opinion means to the matter under reference.

TOEFL Means TEST OF ENGLISH AS FOREIGN LANGUAGE it is an assessment test usually carried for prospective students seeking admission to foreign schools, especially universities.

The Fundamental  issue in determining the REMO STARS Case is the TEST OF ENGLISH.There were two key words  TAPPING and ASSAULT.Let us determine this first before we go into the matter proper as I understood it based on my findings.what is an assault and what is Tapping?

An assault is simply  said to be the intentional use of force to cause harm on another person, while tapping is said simply to be a friendly way of drawing the attention of a person by another.

A Remo stars fc official precisely HON.EKENE ADAMS a Member of House of Reps Elect from Kaduna state who is the G.M of REMO STARS FC was reported  to have gone into the dressing Room(a restricted Area)to Assault the Center Referee for issuing a Red card to Remo stars player.On the other hand Hon Ekene was aaid to have only Tapped the Referee in a friendly Manner to complain about the Red Card.This made the center Referee not continue with the match citing an allegation of Assault by Hon.Ekene Adams.

It is clear that he who alleges has a burden of proof. Now let us take a look at the following issues .

1. What was the Evidence of Assault  that is so prejudicial to warrant the Discontinuation of the match by the Referee.?

2. Where there are no witnesses in the Referees Dressing Rooms to ascertain the commission of an assault or  the incident that happened?

3. Where was the Match commissioner and referee assessor?

4. Was there no OGUN FA Official or Secretary on Ground?

5. Is an official of the Home Team said to commit trespass on match day if he finds his way to the Referees Dressing Room?

6. Is the Referees Dressing Room a Restricred Area to an official of a Home Team.?

7. what was the match Commissioners Report and the Referees Report says?were they in agreement with each other?

8. Did the alleged assault render the referee useless and could not continue with the match? If yes, why did the AR-1 not continue with the match?

9. Did the Match Commissioner agree with the centre Referee to discontinue with the match, or why did he not, or did he order the Match Commissioner to continue with the match?

10. On the security that was said to be inadequate,what was recorded during the Pre Match meeting at the very meeting that Security of a match is predetermined.who is responsible for providing security?Remo stars or OGUN F.A ?


1. From what I know no referee decides to discontinue with a match in Nigeria without an external instruction.Last season it happened during NIGER TONADOES and LOBI STARS Game in MINNA.

2. Whenever there is inadequate Security the FA is to be sanctioned not Clubs.

3. There is no Home Team in our League that it’s officials don’t visit Referees Dressing  Room at Half time sometimes these officials even take Drinks to them personally.They even visit their Hotels before and after matches.

4. Gombe United either due to inexperience or they are aware of a certain plan they should have just enter their BUS and return to Gombe.Because they presented themselves for a match and after 45 minutes  the officials refused to continue.They have no Business staying a day after to replay or complete any game.It is no longer their Business.

5. MATCH COMMISSIONERS,REFEREES AND ASSESSORS Should be fining their reports within the stipulated Time to avoid manipulation.

Therefore, the Disciplinary committee did a good job.

1.However, after over ruling almost all the decisions of IMC, why sustained the suspension of Hon.Ekene Adams?

2. I did not see where OGUN FA was not fined fir inadequate security.

3. The Match Commissioner  should be reprimanded for allowing a match to start without adequate security.

4. I know REMO STARS CHAIRMAN is a member of IMC but he does not attend meetings I hope it is not what I am thinking.

5. The IMC Should not be carried away by their successes so far and the MEDIA HONEY MOON They are enjoying they should not be hasty and too Hard in their decision.Some of these reforms should be transitional.They should be using Carrot and stick approach,regimentality affects meaningful reform.Take it easy but be firm.


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