Awka Stadium: Obiano Fails To Deliver On Another Empty Boast

Awka Stadium: Obiano Fails To Deliver On Another Empty Boast

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In an imaginary battle to shackle the Anambra State Football Association Chairman, Sen Ifeanyi Ubah, the Anambra State Government made so many empty and unrealistic promises like the establishment of Male and Female Football teams down the completion of the Awka Township Stadium before 30th December 2020

Obiano who has never held a Sports Festival under his administration, suddenly connived with the NFF, using Monimichelle as the proxy, in the unholy alliance to hamstring the growth of Sports in Anambra State, for which uncounted millions if not billions parted ways under guise of contracts

As at today, 4th January 2021, Obiano has neither established the State teams as he boasted neither has the Awka Township Stadium being completed… Recall that FC Ifeanyi Ubah was established in 2015, the FC Ifeanyi Ubah International Stadium was built plus FCIU won the Federation Cup in 2016 and FCIU played in the CAF Confederations Cup in 2017 as well as the stadium becoming the first and only CAF certified stadium in West Africa, all funded privately by Ikemba Igbonine yet Obiano with the full instrument of Government, can’t even setup an academy, let alone a proper team nor a mini stadium within a stipulated timeframe

Recall that on the 19th October 2020, the Anambra State Government through Tony Oli, boasted that the Awka Township Stadium will be ready by 28th of  December 2020 and will even host a football tournament to make its grand opening.. Find attached the link:

Yet on the 29th of November 2020, the same Tony Oli who is the official stooge of Obiano in the destabilisation of Football in Anambra State, stated that the Stadium is ready for partial use, claiming that the pitch, floodlights, pavilion and tracks have been handled even with 60% of the work done in November, stating that activities will commence in December 2020. Kindly find attached the link

Stakeholders like myself, took Obiano’s ignorant boasts with a pinch of salt as I knew he was spewing things that were impossible to accomplish within the stipulated timeframe and so, it didn’t come as a surprise to me when the dubious, under publicised and disorganised event tagged ANAMBRA STATE COMMUNITY CUP finals which was to be used to launch the Awka Township Stadium, was shifted to Otuocha Township Stadium because the Awka Township Stadium was in fact, not even 20% ready, talk more of 60% as boasted by Oli a month before the match.. Find attached the flyer for the event and notice the venue used

Obiano must stop uttering empty and unrealistic boasts especially when it is absolutely unnecessary…  If he couldn’t complete a mini project like Awka Township Stadium within the stipulated time he boasted of, then it’s clear that any other boasts he made, will surely meet the same fate after all, o wuru na nwa izizi ejegho ije, o wu nke ibuo ga-agba oso?

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