COVID-19: FCT Football Coaches Chairman Asks FG To Reconsider Action On Sports Closure

COVID-19: FCT Football Coaches Chairman Asks FG To Reconsider Action On Sports  Closure

By Amaechi Agbo

The Chairman, FCT Chapter of Football Coaches Association, Godwin Bamigboye has appealed to the Federal Government of Nigeria through the Presidential Task Force on COVID-19, PTF to reconsider its decision to withdraw the earlier decision to approve the resumption of contact sports in the country can report.

On Sunday, the Federal government through the PTF announced the resumption of contact sports including football but that approval was on Thursday withdrawn as the government reversed the earlier decision.

The federal government claimed that the situation is not ripe for reopening of sports generally.

Responding to the reversal, Coach Bamigboye urged the Federal Government to rescind the latest decision and advised that contact sports managers should ensure strict observance of precautionary measures against covid-19.

He stated that athletes and their managers have their code of conduct and as such they are in the best position to observe rules according to laid down procedures or ethics.

The FCT Football Coaches Chairman observed that markets and public places are reopening and in most cases they don’t observe prescribed precautionary measures. He wondered why sports particularly football which has a well organised structure and governed by rules will not be allowed to resume.

He reminded the authorities that the lockdown has affected the lives of youths economically, socially and otherwise and cautioned government to be proactive against the possible escalation of crimes and criminality especially among the young population group in Nigeria.

The former board member of the FCT Football Association commended the government at the Federal and State levels for their effort in combating the spread of Covid-19 and expressed satisfaction with the containment so far.

While asking the government to ensure the resumption of contact sports, he added that it will in the same vein delay the resumption if the indices available points to the possibility of further spread of the global pandemic.

He also advised that athletes and managers should be patient and exercise restraint by keeping fit and waiting until when the Federal Government gives the final approval for contact sports.

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