Dalung: Gianni Is A Political Warlord, With Africa As His Footmat

Dalung: Gianni Is A Political Warlord, With Africa As His Footmat
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Tides of public outcry from football personalities in Africa, continue to trail the truly shocking decision of the Gianni Infantino led FIFA to establish indirect rule on CAF, the apex football body in Africa

News of the masked slavery agenda, which was collaborated by the embattled and deeply shaken CAF President, Ahmad Ahmad, did not go down well with Africans and even some regions as the UEFA have voiced their protest against such a brazen and iron clad interference of FIFA on the internal working of an independent association

Reacting to the development, even as the CAF and NFF have remained ominously silent, the former Minister for Sports of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Barr Solomon Dalung, voiced his views in no clearer terms

“When self interest determines leadership in a society then slavery is the status of the people.

The time to complain is belated honestly because where were Africans when Infantio appointed himself as the political war lord to installed a football leadership in Africa?.

He was policing Africa like an American soldier armed with assault weapon in Iraq. We did not see anything wrong with that, is this now that African football have been effectively chained while our destiny is understood as slavery that we are realizing?” said the Plateau State born lawyer

Barr Dalung who is renowned for being direct in his approach to issues, took African football leaders and the Media to the cleaners, highlighting their incompetence and lack of self worth, all in the bid for fleeting pleasures regardless of the long term destruction it might wreck on Africa and Nigeria in the long run

“To Infantino Africa is his doormat, he tramples upon it anytime. And our African football leaders are maid servants in his court scrambling for leadership crumps.

All they are interested is appointment into self serving FIFA committees, which Infantio understood well.

African media is complicit of this imperial tendencies. Instead of standing with Africa, they have reduced their professionalism to mere attack dogs of imperialist varanda chefs.

They deployed weapons of mass destruction against opponents of imperialism because of attached personal interest of their slave leadership.

Sadly, we may be realizing lately but I agreed that some should be done about it.” concluded the former Minister

Even as Infantino remains hellbent on institutionalizing indirect rule and slavery on Africa and Nigeria Football, Nigerians patiently wait on the GCFR and GCON of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, His Excellency, Gen Muhammadu Buhari, to unveil his new cabinet

It will be in the best interest of Nigeria, if Barr Solomon Dalung is returned as the Minister of Sports as he has a clear understanding of what is happening, what has happened and what is about to come

A new Minister will not fully grasp the dire straits in which we are and as a result, may not honestly appreciate the gravity of what might befall us if not properly handled and managed

It is indeed dark days for Nigeria and Africa but hopefully, the skies will clear in no distant time

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