Fixtures For 2022 Prudent Energy Handball League Released As Pillars, Safety Babes Begin Defence With Crunch Ties

Fixtures For 2022 Prudent Energy Handball League Released As Pillars, Safety Babes Begin Defence With Crunch Ties

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By Amaechi Agbo

Defending champions for the male and female Prudent Energy Handball Premier League, Kano Pillars of Kano and Safety Babes of Abuja, respectively, will begin their title defence with crunch matches as both have been paired to begin the new season with interesting fixtures

In the fixtures released and made available to Best Choice Sports, Kano Pillars will seek to avoid arrest in the hands of the Police Machine with the match due to commence by 8:30am on Monday.

Safety Babes on their part will seek to “impound” Seasiders Babes of Lagos in a match that promises to be a blockbuster. The last time both teams tackled each other in the last edition, the Lagos Babes came out victories.

Meanwhile in the opening matches for both categories, Kada Queens of Kaduna will face De Defender Babes of Abuja in the female first match while the male first match will see Benue Bufaloes tackle Lagos Seasiders. Both matches will commence by 7am on the dot.

The fixtures further indicate that a total of 11 matches will be played on the opening day, Monday 23rd May. The same number of matches will be played the following three days each while there will be 8 matches on 27th May.

Safety Babes of Abuja ready to defend their title

May 28 will have 9 matches decided, 29th will witness 6 matches while 30th May will be another very busy day with 11 matches on offer.

May 31 to June 2 will have 11 matches each day.

Best Choice Sports can authoritatively report that a total of 101 matches will be played in the First Phase of the 2022 Prudent Energy Handball Premier League season.

The second Phase will hold in Lagos in October. Kano Pillars, male and Safety Babes, female, are the defending champions.

Below is the full fixtures of the 2022 Prudent Energy Handball Premier League season.

It should be noted however, that the fixtures could be altered as circumstances demand.

23RD MAY – 2ND JUNE, 2022



  1. 07:00am Kada Queens- Defender Babes F

2 07:00am Benue Buffaloes -Lagos Seasiders M

3 08:30am Rima Queens- Edo Dynamos F

4 08:30am Police Machine – Kano Pillars M
5 10:00am Seasider Babes – Safety Babes F
6 10:00am Confluence Stars – Tojemarine Academy M

7 03:00pm Imo Grasshoppers – Benue Queens F
8 03:00pm Niger United – Kada Stars M
9 04:30pm Adorable Angels – Plateau Peacocks F
10 04:30pm D:Defenders – Rima Strikers M
11 06:00pm Safety Shooters – Owena Kings M

12 24/05/22

07:00am Tojemarine Academy – Police Machine M A
13 07:00am Plateau Peacocks – Rima Queens F B
14 08:30am Benue Buffaloes – Niger United M A
15 08:30am Defender Babes – Imo Grasshoppers F B
16 10:00am Lagos Seasiders – Rima Strikers M A
17 10:00am Kada Stars – Safety Shooters M B
18 03:00pm Edo Dynamos – Seasider Babes F A
19 03:00pm Kada Queens – Adorable Angels F B
20 04:30pm Confluence Stars – D:Defenders M A
21 04:30pm Benue Queens – Safety Babes F B
22 06:00pm Owena Kings – Kano Pillars M A

Confluence Stars of Kogi set for upset

23 25/05/22

07:00am Niger United – Confluence Stars M A
24 07:00am Defender Babes – Safety Babes F B
25 08:30am Imo Grasshoppers – Rima Queens F A
26 08:30am Seasider Babes – Kada Queens F B
27 10:00am Benue Buffaloes – Kano Pillars M A
28 10:00am Police Machine – Owena Kings M B
29 03:00pm Adorable Angels – Benue Queens F A
30 03:00pm Rima Strikers – Kada Stars M B
31 04:30pm Safety Shooters – Tojemarine Academy M A
32 04:30pm Plateau Peacocks – Edo Dynamos F B
33 06:00pm Lagos Seasiders – D: Defenders M A

34 26/05/22

07:00am Imo Grasshoppers – Seasider Babes F A
35 07:00am Kada Stars – Benue Buffaloes M B
36 08:30am Police Machine – Rima Strikers M A
37 08:30am Defender Babes – Plateau Peacocks F B
38 10:00am Rima Queens – Benue Queens F A
39 10:00am Kada Queens – Safety Babes F B
40 03:00pm Owena Kings –Tojemarine Academy M A
41 03:00pm Confluence Stars – Safety Shooters M B
42 04:30pm D:Defenders – Kano Pillars M A
43 04:30pm Niger United – Lagos Seasiders M B
44 06:00pm Edo Dynamos – Adorable Angels F A

45 27/05/22

07:00am Rima Strikers – Kano Pillars M A
46 07:00am Police Machine – Safety Shooters M B
47 08:30am Tojemarine Academy – D: Defenders M A
48 08:30am Owena Kings – Niger United M B
49 10:00am Kada Queens – Imo Grasshoppers F A/B
50 03:00pm Lagos Seasiders – Kada Stars M A/B
51 04:30pm Adorable Angels – Safety Babes F A/B
52 06:00pm Benue Buffaloes – Confluence Stars M A

53 28/05/22
07:00am Rima Strikers – Benue Buffaloes M A
54 07:00am Kada Stars – Tojemarine Academy M B
55 08:30am Lagos Seasiders – Owena Kings M A
56 08:30am Defender Babes – Rima Queens F B
57 10:00am Police Machine – Confluence Stars M A
58 10:00am Benue Queens – Edo Dynamos F B
59 03:00pm Seasider Babes – Plateau Peacocks F A/B
60 04:30pm D: Defenders – Safety Shooters M A/B
61 06:00pm Niger United – Kano Pillars M A

62 29/05/22

07:00am Police Machine – Lagos Seasiders M Outdoor
63 08:30am Benue Buffaloes – Safety Shooters M Outdoor
64 10:00am D: Defenders – Niger United M Outdoor
65 11:30am Kada Stars – Owena Kings M Outdoor
66 03:00pm Kano Pillars – Confluence Stars M Outdoor
67 04:30pm Rima Strikers – Tojemarine Academy M Outdoor

68 30/05/22 07:00am Benue Queens – Plateau Peacocks F A
69 07:00am Rima Queens – Adorable Angels F B
70 08:30am Seasider Babes – Defender Babes F A
71 08:30am Edo Dynamos – Kada Queens F B
72 10:00am Rima Strikers – Safety Shooters M A
73 10:00am Benue Buffaloes – Police Machine M B
74 03:00pm Owena Kings – D: Defenders M A
75 03:00pm Kada Stars – Kano Pillars M B
76 04:30pm Niger United – Tojemarine Academy M A
77 04:30pm Confluence Stars – Lagos Seasiders M B
78 06:00pm Imo Grasshoppers – Safety Babes F A

79 31/05/22

07:00am Kada Queens – Rima Queens F A
80 07:00am Benue Queens – Defender Babes F B
81 08:30am Edo dynamos – Safety Babes F A
82 08:30am Seasider Babes – Adorable Angels F B
83 10:00am Kano Pillars – Tojemarine Academy M A
84 10:00am Benue Buffaloes – D:Defenders M B
85 03:00pm Lagos Seasiders – Safety Shooters M A
86 03:00pm Imo Grasshoppers – Plateau Peacocks F B
87 04:30pm Niger United – Rima Strikers M A
88 04:30pm Confluence Stars – Owena Kings M B
89 06:00pm Kada Stars – Police Machine M A

90 01/06/22 07:00am Defender Babes – Edo Dynamos F A
91 07:00am Seasider Babes – Benue Queens F B
92 08:30am Safety Shooters – Kano Pillars M A
93 08:30am Niger United – Police Machine M B
94 10:00am Rima Queens – Safety Babes F A
95 10:00am D:Defenders – Kada Stars M B
96 03:00pm Owena Kings – Benue Buffaloes M A
97 03:00pm Plateau Peacocks – Kada Queens F B
98 04:30pm Imo Grasshoppers – Adorable Angels F A
99 04:30pm Rima Strikers – Confluence Stars M B
100 06:00pm Lagos Seasiders – Tojemarine Academy M A LAGOS DERBY

101 02/06/22
07:00am Rima Strikers – Owena Kings M A
102 07:00am Kada Queens – Benue Queens F B
103 08:30am D: Defenders – Police Machine M A
104 08:30am Kada Stars – Confluence Stars M B
105 10:00am Imo Grasshoppers – Edo Dynamos F A
106 10:00am Rima Queens – Seasiders Babes F B
107 03:00pm Benue Buffaloes – Tojemarine Academy M A

108 03:00pm Plateau Peacocks – Safety Babes F B
109 04:30pm Kano Pillars – Lagos Seasiders M A
110 04:30pm Adorable Angels – Defender Babes F B
111 06:00pm Niger United – Safety Shooters M A

Participating Teams For the Prudent Energy Handball Premier League 2021

  1. Benue Buffaloes of Markudi
  2. Confluence Kings of Lokoja
  3. De Defenders of Civil Defence
  4. Kada Stars of Kaduna
  5. Kano Pillars of Kano
  6. Niger United of Minna
  7. Owena Kings of Akure
  8. Police Machine of the Nigeria Police
  9. Rima Strikers of Sokoto
  10. Safety Shooters of FRSC
  11. Seasider Boys of Lagos
  12. Tojemarine Academy of Lagos

Female Category

  1. Adorable Angels of Ilorin
  2. Benue Queens of Markudi
  3. Defender Babes of Civil Defence
  4. Bendel Dynamos of Benin City
  5. Imo Grasshoppers of Owerri
  6. Kada Queens of Kaduna
  7. Plateau Peacocks of Jos
  8. Rima Queens of Sokoto
  9. Safety Babes of FRSC
    10.Seasider Babes of Lagos

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