Football Teammates Beat Defender To Death Over Error Leading To Goal

Football Teammates Beat Defender To Death Over Error Leading To Goal

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It is not uncommon to see a player score against his own team, though inadvertently. Often times, when such happens, the teammates rally round the defaulting player to encourage him to be strong.

But in Uganda, such is not the case as a defender in a match in that country lost his life over the weekend after his error led to his team conceding a goal, a “crime” the teammates considered unpardonable

A Ugandan footballer was tragically killed over the weekend after he was brutally assaulted by his own teammates.

Churchill Owaci, 22, reportedly made a defensive error in a local football league game in the Lamwo District that led to his side conceding a goal.

His teammates, according to the chairperson of the Agoro Sub County where Owaci lived, pounced on the central defender after the goal.

He was badly beaten before his teammates were pulled off him.

A witness claims Owaci’s defensive blunder may have been as the result of a big night prior to the match, with the player setting foot on the field under the influence of alcohol.

The altercation continued after the match when Owaci pushed one of his teammates on a bicycle.

“Later after the game, the deceased in a revenge act pushed one of the people that had earlier beaten him, from the bicycle which provoked another fight,” the Agoro chairperson Denis Onyon said.

“The deceased collapsed a few metres away from the fight scene and was rushed to Agoro Health Centre III, where he was pronounced dead a few hours later,” he said.

Two brothers have been detained as suspects in an open murder investigation

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