I Sold Bottled Water On Lagos Streets – Victor Osimhen

I Sold Bottled Water On Lagos Streets – Victor Osimhen

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Super Eagles and Lille Oslo of France attacker, Victor Osimhen said growing up in Olusosun area of Lagos State was a survival quest for him and his family adding that he sold bottled water on the streets to survive, bestchoicesports.com.ng.com.ng understands

The former U-17 Golden Eaglets player recounted his growth in the south-western part of Nigeria with several experiences that have moulded him into the player he is at the moment.

The 2015 Fifa U-17 World Cup winner disclosed how tough it was for his family when he lost his mother at a young age with each of siblings picking up different hustles on the street for survival.

“I lost my mom in October, I do not even remember the year. I was small. Three months later, my father lost his job. It was very hard for our family,” Osimhen is quoted.

“My brother sold sports newspapers, my sister, oranges in the street and me, bottled water in Lagos in the middle of the traffic. We have to survive so we stick together.

“In the evening, we were all together and we gathered the money on the table. We gave everything to our big sister and she made food and organized everything.

“Part of my life has been a struggle to survive. But that’s all I am today in the end. It’s hard to classify all but each event has created my personality. ”

Osimhen, who is currently the top scorer in the French top-flight with six goals in eight games this season, revealed how growing up around Olusosun area of Lagos was for him.

“Where I grew up, people live on the other side of an open dump. With my friends, we went there every Friday or Sunday to find crampons and shoes. We stayed there for a long time. It was funny! We saw it as a game but when you think about it… It was always a fight. We were looking for crampons,” he continued.

“Sometimes you see, you found yourself with a Nike on the right foot and then you start looking for the other foot … And finally, you find the left foot and it’s a Reebok! My sister patched everything up and it was good. It was survival.”

The unpleasant childhood memories have not deterred Osimhen from his dream and he takes it as a motivation for his journey to the top.

“I often think of where I come from and where I want to go. I still have a long way to go, when I think of Olusosun. This is not a place that offers you promises. But I never gave up,” he added.

“The path of my life has never been easy. When I come home or in my free time, I think about how I got there, the little celebrity that I have to manage. I read too.”

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