John Obuh Survives Car Crash After Traffic Mixup

John Obuh Survives Car Crash After Traffic Mixup

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Former Flying Eagles gaffer John Obuh this morning was involved in an autocrash in Abuja on his way to AIT complex for a live program, understands

According to Igochukwu Ifeanyi who paid a visit to the coach in his house, “Coach Obi, was unhurt but the crash got the better of his Prado SUV which has been towed to the mechanic workshop for repairs

“The crash occurred as a result of poor traffic control by a policeman who erroneously stopped the speeding traffic, causing cars to stop abruptly while the ones behind them who couldn’t apply brakes in time, rammed into the cars in front which was what happened to the coach on the airport road bridge

“The Police officer who is a Sergent explained that he was instructed by the higher-ups, to stop all traffic as Buhari was expected to be heading to the airport, to the anger and frustration ofU Nigerians

“A few cars were also affected in the ruckus before the roads were opened to ease up the traffic congestion which the crashes caused and douse the tension therein.

“I can confirm that Coach John Obuh is home and in fantastic health as he paid a courtesy call to him this morning.”

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