Nigeria To Participate In 11 Events At 2023 Beach Games As Contingents Arrive Tunisia

Nigeria To Participate In 11 Events At 2023 Beach Games As Contingents Arrive Tunisia

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By Tony Nezianya

Nigeria is set to participate in 11 thrilling events at the the 2nd African Beach Games, set to take place in Temament, Tunisia.

The Games will run from June 22 to June 30, 2023, and serve as a crucial qualification phase for the upcoming ANOC World Beach Games in Bali, Indonesia, scheduled for August 4 to Aug. 12, 2023.

Not less than 11 events would be on offer, where athletes will showcase the talents and athleticism of Nigerian athletes on the beautiful beaches of Tunisia.

The events cover a wide range of sports, ensuring a diverse and exciting competition for both participants and spectators alike.

First on the list is the high-energy sport of Beach Volleyball, where Nigeria will be represented by a skilled team of 12 players. Following closely is Beach Handball, with a talented squad of 10 players ready to showcase their exceptional skills on the sand.

In addition to these dynamic team sports, Nigeria will also compete in individual events. Air Badminton will see three players from Nigeria demonstrating their agility, quick reflexes, and finesse.

In Kata Karate, a solitary athlete will represent the country, displaying their mastery of this traditional martial art.

The open water will provide an exhilarating challenge for Nigerian athletes participating in Open Water Swimming. The country will have four determined swimmers diving into the waves, seeking to conquer the demanding nature of the sport.

The thrill continues with the inclusion of Teqball, a relatively new sport that combines elements of soccer and table tennis. Nigeria will field a competitive team of three players, who will battle it out against the other nations in this unique and exciting sport.

With Tennis, four skilled Nigerian athletes will make their mark on the sandy courts, showcasing their power, precision, and strategy against tough opponents. Ocean Racing, a daring and physically demanding water sport, will feature two athletes representing Nigeria’s competitive spirit.

Added to the already impressive list of events, Nigeria will have four participants competing in Rowing Beach Sprint, demonstrating their strength and technique as they navigate the waves. Lastly, Beach Wrestling will see three Nigerian wrestlers go head-to-head, displaying their skill, resilience, and determination to secure victories.

As the days unfold, the events will captivate audiences with their electrifying performances and fierce competition. The excitement promises to be palpable as Nigeria’s athletes strive to showcase their abilities and secure qualification for the ANOC World Games.

The 2nd African Beach Games will culminate on June 30, marking the end of this exhilarating sporting extravaganza. As Nigeria competes across these diverse events, the nation will undoubtedly cheer on its athletes and rally behind them in their pursuit of victory and qualification for the highly anticipated ANOC World Games.

The participation of the Nigerian Team Contingent, who are arriving in batches is led by the President of the Nigeria Olympic Committee (NOC) Engr. Habu Ahmed Gumel.

The Association of National Olympic Committees of Africa (ANOCA) is organising the event.

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