Olympic Day Celebration: Sports-for-All Chairman Abdul Calls For Members’ Commitment

Olympic Day Celebration: Sports-for-All Chairman Abdul Calls For Members’ Commitment

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By Our Correspondent

The Chairman, Nigeria Olympic Committee, NOC Sports For All Commission, Dr Ibrahim Abdul has called on members of the Commission to double their efforts towards ensuring that the 2023 Olympic Day Celebration on Saturday Is a success.

Dr Abdul who is also the President of Nigeria Weightlifting Federation made the charge during the Commission’s meeting on Tuesday which held virtually

”This is a significant event that promotes the values and goals set by the International Olympic Committee (IOC)

”It is worth mentioning that the Commission benefits from the expertise and experience of two former chairpersons, Anthony Oyetayo and Prince Henry Amike, who bring valuable insights to the table.

”With their guidance and the collective knowledge of all members, the success of this celebration becomes highly feasible.”

Additionally, Secretary-General Tunde Poopola appeal for a marketing initiative to raise funds for the Commission to be able to carry out it’s assigned responsilities

”This step is crucial in sustaining the values of Olympism and ensuring the continuation of events such as the Olympic Day celebration.

”It reflects the Commission’s dedication to maintaining and promoting the essence of the Olympic Games.”

The Assistant Secretary In-charge of the Commission, Austin Odigie, then, highlighted the impressive turnout at the inaugural meeting before the official unveiling.

”This demonstrates the enthusiasm and commitment of the members towards organizing and executing a memorable Olympic Day celebration. Such support is vital for the success and impact of the event.

The Assistant Secretary, Odigie, also revealed that this year’s theme for the Olympic Day celebration will be “let’s Move,” sending a powerful message of promoting physical activity and a healthy lifestyle.

”It is encouraging to note that 13 states have volunteered to host the event on their territories.

”This number showcases the wide participation and interest in the celebration, further reinforcing the expected success of the occasion.

Overall, with the collaborative efforts of experienced members, the appeal for fundraising, and the strong support and participation from various states, the Olympic Day celebration has all the necessary elements to be a resounding success.

It is an essential event that brings people together to celebrate the values of Olympism and promote physical well-being.

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