OPINION: When Will Nigeria Professional Football League Breathe Again?

OPINION: When Will Nigeria Professional Football League Breathe Again?

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So what happens to our league? When will the IMC (Interim Management Committee) begin their work? Will the LMC (League Management Company) challenge the Ministry in the local courts, FIFA or CAS? Will they lie low and accept defeat to what many described as a wrong interpretation of the Supreme Court’s judgement? Will Mallam Shehu Dikko wave it and focus on his NFF ambition?

If the Ministry relied on what the court said that the LMC was fraudulently floated, does that translate to illegality? Is that declaration enforceable?

What really has LMC done wrong to get vote of no confidence from some of its stakeholders?

If LMC is not allowed to organize league football, will their assets and liabilities be transferable to the IMC or the potential new body?

What will the NFF do? Tell the Ministry that it has no powers to interfere or intervene? Keep silent and focus on sharing the spoils in Yenegoa? Will the NFF head to the Supreme Court for interpretation of its judgement?

How long will our footballers be sacrificed on the altar of power play and “unholy” alignment and realignment? Will the league really resume this year?

Will members of the LMC appointed into the IMC decline or accept to trample their former estate?

What are the club owners saying? Did the witch cry in the night and the baby died in the morning? Any link? Is their silence, an acceptance or confusion, even wisdom? Are they really tired of the LMC, a company they are part of? Has the “sins” of the LMC amassed to the heavens and their own “sins” wiped off like crimson? Since the Club Owners want their league back into their “caring arms,” when will they return to active football?

For how long will our elite league be a theatrical spectacle–of the absurd, even extremely?

Since the Ministry relied on the NFF statutes to declare LMC illegal, will it also rely on the statutes to get a new league body?

If the LMC is not known to the NFA/NFF statutes, will the NPL make a grand recovery, since the Supreme Court ruled that it is sick and not yet dead? If the NFF constitutes another league body without the name ‘NPL’ which is known to ‘our laws,’ would it not be another illegality?

Since the Supreme Court ruled that NPL is sick but not dead, does that mean we have had two league bodies, one sick and another acting its stead?

When will our league breathe again?

By Bethel Kalu

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