River State FA Election: Group Calls On Ibrahim Gusau To Step Aside

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A group simply known as Association of Concerned Football Stakeholders, ACFS, has called on the NFF Chairman of Chairmen, Ibrahim Gusau to step aside in his unofficial duty as the chairman of NFF election monitoring committee.

The group in a letter sighted called on the Zamfara State born football administrator to toe the line of honour and step aside as his interference in the conduct of the Rivers State FA election is not in good interest of football development in the state.

In the letter signed by Yomi Adams, the group questioned Mr Gusau’s role in the election when the role he is playing is duely the work of the secretary general of the federation.

The group also posed three questions to Mr Gusau and called on him to toe the line of honour which he has exhibited often and step aside.

The letter reads:

Association of Concerned Football Stakeholders, ACFS


A call to order.


We are writing on behalf of all concerned football stakeholders who are very disturbed by the role you are playing in the ongoing state FA Elections.

Sir, you are a man of strong reputation, you are loved and respected by many but your actions of late, could destroy the good name you have built over time and lay you bare for some unsolicited attacks from football stakeholders who have watched with anger the manner at which you are going about flaunting your ego as the unofficial chairman of the election monitoring committee.

It will please us sir, if you can show the world a letter of confirmation to this effect because we are not aware that any such appointment was made in the recent months.

In any case, we are compelled by necessity to remind you that the position of chairman of chairmen is just a coinage of the congress and does not give you powers to influence elections in states, as the only man that has the right to do so, is the NFF general secretary whose job is to advise not to impose or compel as you have always done

Sir, the role you have played in the states FA election leaves much to be desired and has further pushed many to ask this begging questions

  1. In what capacity are you acting?
  2. Are you aware that as chairman of Zamfara state the statutes forbids you from adjudicating in other states affairs?
  3. If you claim to be chairman of the election monitoring committee, who then monitored your own election in Zamfara state or are you telling us that a judge can supervise his own case?

As long as you cannot provide answers to these begging questions sir, we are pleading that you take some time to think over this and follow the path of honour by stepping aside and allowing the secretariat supervise the elections as stated in the statutes.

Sir we have always known you to be a man of honour and we appreciate the fact that over time, you have taken such advice as a gentleman and acted honorably.

Whatever you do, amounts to interference and that is totally against the statutes. We know your affiliation with Sherif Inuwa of Kano state and that perhaps explains why you have not made any official statement as to why an election that was stopped by a court order still went ahead as scheduled.

You have not acted like a true Democrat and you have not given us reasons to believe you are genuinely sincere in your intentions so therefore, we will appreciate if you listen to the voice of the people and toe the path of honour

Thanks for always being you

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