What Gernot Rohr Should Know About Technical Projection Of Home Players (OPINION)

What Gernot Rohr Should Know About Technical Projection Of Home Players (OPINION)

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Basically, intergrating raw talents and polished talents together in a football formula always looks complicated from the outside…

Technically, blending without risk and a vibrant scouting network might derail robust game reaction and discovery .

Imagine the heroics of finidi George as a Calabar rovers player before Westerhoff snapped him up to play for the national team as well as Sunday Mvah in the 2013 nation’s cup outshining his fellow European based players..The simple analogy here proves that when ever raw talents are mixed with polished breed there is always a winning formula in the Nigerian context..

Look back at the years Nigeria won trophies – 1980 nation’s cup, Tunisia 94 , Atlanta 96 and the AFCON 2013 further proved the projection and potency of home base players playing a key role in achieving success and balance.

Personally , I have no feud with Rohr and his policies in invitations , selection and tactics but my worries is his ability not to look back at Nigerias history and as well to believe in the prospect and blending of home base players into the National team.

Yes , Tactically he goofed several times on links of game management, goalkeeping discovery and stance on decision making but variably all can be fixed and well managed with the right technical/tactical tonic.

Moving forward Rohr needs a record to show Nigerians and the world at large and am not dictatating the pace of affairs for him but he should try what I just emphasized on..

Coach uni Dan Kakwi

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